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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Nellies, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Greg78

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    So the post right above yours wasn't enough for you? I've talked to them. They pay way to little and wan't way to much in return.
  2. shhlisten

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    I used to work in the office and a lot of the conflicting accounts are due to the fact that each state (or group of states) is run completely differently by a different state coordinator. They have some form on the website to make everything fair that gets you to a neutral party, just make sure you have everything in an email so that they can see it all. Some of the more terrible stories are incredibly exaggerated. For example, the one about the $800 near the beginning is from a contractor that didn't turn in anything after a week past the due date and we couldn't get a hold of him so we had to cancel them. He literally randomly out of the blue sent us photos over a month later without any contact in between and started demanding payment. I don't know what the story was behind the $3000 guy, but i do know that we had a guy from NC make 2 40 mile trips and then tried to claim that we owed him $2000 for gas since he drove 4000 miles (i am not joking, this literally happened about 2 months ago). The owners there are practically paranoid about making sure that everyone gets what they are owed, and i have seen them take 100% losses on multiple occasions because of a slight miscommunication. The company as a whole is great to work for. What you REALLY need to figure out is if the state coordinator of your state is good to work for.
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    Thank you I appreciate the information. I do how ever think the state coordinator is very lazy seeing how I have not received a phone call text message or email back in over a week. I think I will call the head office and make a complaint. I still am a little uneasy about working for some one who does not communicate well with others.
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    don't call the head office (they are quality control or something and their job is to try to resolve issues between pinelands and the client). go to their website and there should be a vendor relations form. The vendor relations manager generally tries to be impartial when dealing with complaints. there is a burden of proof, however. like, you can't just say they owe you $1000, he will investigate it and you need to have emails/etc. who is your coordinator?

    Edit: He gets the form forwarded to his email that he checks daily. If he doesn't respond then he is getting more information from the state coordinator. also, depending on how busy your state is, the state coordinator may not have much work for you or (on the flipside) be working a ton of overtime trying to deal with issues in other areas.
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    i just recieved a call from them, to do lawn inspections.. they sent me paperwork and such i dont know if this is a real company i cant find out. their phone number came from north carloina.
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    I got a call from them myself last week. If I can get it in writing that the yards are at my price and not the $15 crap with $10 per foot high it might be worth the amount of pictures they require. They sent me an email with all the info but I haven't heard back from them and I'm not sure if I want to even deal with it anyway.
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    i dont know if they are legit.. they want me to take pictures of lawns that already been cut. so why require pictures from people who do the lawns then.. makes no sense.. i wonder if this company is a real estate company trying to get houses or something...
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    Another company to watch out for in the florida area is a company called Property Proze they stiffed me. Thay are very unorganized. Have anyone heard of them?

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