Pinellas County Anyone? Or surrounding area?

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  1. Exactly. Put new set of tires and brake pads this year which will be able to be deducted. So yea, it is an expense, but a fully deductible one.
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    Well i wasnt trying to say i have no overhead. Just putting out to potiential customers that im not like these big corporations that jack up the price. As im also not out to cutthroat anyone as well. I know i am not the most expensive in my area as well as not the most cheapest eaither.
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    Hello, this is Dave from Dave's World of Lawns. I would be a part of a forum of local Pinellas County lawn business owners. I too am sole proprietor of my business and looking to expand the business. I'm always sharing thoughts and ideas with my fellow lawn care owners. I can be reached at
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    Hey guys come over to the "Tampa area anyone?" thread. We are all from both sides of the bay.
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