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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, May 31, 2006.

  1. Pro-Scapes

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    Mike had made a good point in another thread about lamps overheating. Well lights are a powerful tool when installed properly as they are near hidden in the daytime. Im hessitant to install them even with covers in mulch beds for fear if they will ignite the pinestraw, get buried ect. Im not a big fan of the par 36 lamps yet but I do have a variety of them on order so I can experiment more and gain some experience with them.

    I was planning to try and illuminate a large tree with a series of par 36 well lights but now the design has changed and there will be a large bed created around the tree so I will be able to hide above grade fixtures. (mr-16 bullets with wide beams)

    Anyone have any problems with pinestraw and any lighting ?
  2. steveparrott

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    Pretty much everyone has problems with well lights. I would only use them in turf areas, never in mulch beds.
  3. desert night light

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    "Pretty much everyone has problems with well lights"

    Would you care to elaborate on that please.
  4. niteliters

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    we use alot of par 36 well lights. also use mr-16 well lights. My manufacturer makes an inline fuse to fruther protect the fixture against heat build up. Good for you on experimenting. What type of per 36's do you have ordered??
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    I ordered some cast well lights as well as another brand with GE bulbs

    all 35 watt bulbs 5.5 degree 12 degree and 36 degree.

    I had tried an above ground par 36 fixture before for uplighting ligustrums but i preffer how the mr 16 bulllets work . 1 or 2 bullets with 20 to 35 watt bulbs and 36 degree spreads have worked nice. Am I missing something here ?

    pls help you got more experience. I am currently using only the 10k hour bulbs in my mr16 fixtures
  6. steveparrott

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    To futher explain my previous comment on well lights:

    All well light installations, even when using grates and protective lenses are prone to being covered with flammable materials. There's really no way to prevent it. Why risk that liability when directional fixtures can be safely used?

    As I said, the exception is when you need a fixture in a turf area. Even in that case, however, many installers will just put bullets in the turf. It's not such a big deal for the homeowner to mow around the fixture.
  7. NightScenes

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    Steve, the problem with putting bullets or path lights in turf areas is that the clients rarely mow their own lawns. These clients have lcos that could care less that the client paid over $200 for a fixture.

    For myself, I use well lights in turf areas but I use enclosed MR16 fixtures. I don't use well lights in mulched flower beds.
  8. Mike & Lucia

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    Yea, what Paul said!

    I recently did a project that was referred to me by a CLA I partner with. The walkway required placement of two path lights that would have landed in the turf. No good, right? Actually, it was the perfect opportunity for my buddy to install two small planting beds. Win-win-win!

    My fixtures were properly spaced.
    The client got two lighted areas of interest.
    And, my CLA freind added a small piece of business.

    No well lights in the mulch! Nothing but well lights in the turf!

  9. Pro-Scapes

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    this is what we did here. Cut a semi circular bed (10 min) to place the fixture here. We maintain the landscape but the HO does the lawns for the most part (we do it on occasion). Still no way I would pop a bullet in the lawn and just leave it. Even if it didnt get damaged its going to get bumped.

    Sorry for the bad pic... this is like 2 days post install just after a decent storm.

  10. desert night light

    desert night light LawnSite Member
    from AZ
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    Gardeners have a way of knocking the crap out of any fixture you put in there path. Gardeners can't live with them can't live without them.

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