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  1. jasonp

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    from Alabama
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    Does anyone have a idea on keeping pinestraw on the side of a hill.
    every time it rains it just washes down the hill. My brother has a hill beside his house and it was unsightly to look at so he put in some junitpers and some pinestraw around them but the pinestraw keeps washing down the hill.
  2. lawnboy82

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    what is pinestraw? if it washes away i would say to maybe get some stone. if you are not gonna be looking at it then get the cheapest stuff you can find, maybe riprap? if you will be looking at it then get something more appealing. i would say though that if the hill is steep enough even mulch will run. stone from the weight stays put.
  3. Lawnshark

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    I have used pinestraw before and i have put it on hills and had your same problem. I used pine bark mulch underneath and it grabs the pine bark really well. I hope this helps and let me know the results.
  4. HOMER

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    What is pinestraw!????????

    You Yankees kill me:rolleyes:

    Question is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what is riprap, is that a new form of Yankee music that nobody wants to listen to when they sit at the red lights.:angry:

    Pine straw is the needles from pine trees, it is used extensively in the southern United States as landscape mulch. It can be bought in bales and spread in flower beds and around trees to retain moisture. It must be "freshened up" from time to time as the sun has a way of fading it out.

    Personally I think its used too much and there are better products out there. I don't like it because weeds and grass just sprout right through it, I guess because it allows too much air circulation and light, I would rather use cypress mulch.

    I know, I'll shut up!:blob3:
  5. cos

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    I'm a yankee and I know what pinestraw is, but I don't know what riprap is. Is that that rap crap. I hate sitting at a light and some punk with chrome tires and his seat way back like he is going to take a nap at the intersection, pulls up.

    any way pine straw is just evergreen needles from a pine tree, right? I saw that crap down South Carolina too much, LOL
  6. smburgess

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    homer you kill me. LOL
  7. ljmey

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    from Georgia
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    I have had the best luck with pinestrawing banks if you start at the bottom of the bank and work your way up, it means you will have to back up the hill though. Its rough keeping pinestraw to stay put on steep slopes, but this works for me. How steep is this bank? Putting the straw this way it works the same as grass on the old sod huts. The rain has a better chance to run off rather then get under the straw and pushing it off the slope. Good luck. ljmey
  8. crs

    crs LawnSite Member
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    I have had good luck using landscape staples to hold it in place. A landscape staple is a piece of wire bent into a u shape that is about 6 inches long. Spread the straw as mentioned above and then every few feet put a row of staples in to stabilize the straw. Works for me.
  9. Ssouth

    Ssouth LawnSite Senior Member
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    In N. Alabama we call riprap the large stones the state puts on the sides of hills on the interstate, along railroads, and up the sides of the river. this is large stones that prevent erosion and nothing will grown in them. But, they are any eye sore.
  10. lawnboy82

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    thanx Ssouth. we use are using that stuff over at the deli to hold back a mountain of fill we put in temporarily. nobody will see it so it is ok. as for pine straw, i have white pines on the side of my driveway. they always produce the pine needles that have to be raked up. if you guys want, i can gather them up and send em down in a big 18 wheeler. lol. just a thought. mostly up here people use stone or mulch nothing else really. the pinestraw doesnt acidify the soil too much? oh and i may be a yankee. but what are you guys?

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