Pintle Hitch?? Oh My God!!!...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Andyinchville, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Andyinchville

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    Hey All,

    I just bought an older 12 ton Miller 20' Tilt top equipment trailer with pintle Hitch...When I tried towing it home using my 1993 Dodge W250 4x4 with Cummins Diesel...Lets just say around 30 mph it felt like it was going to shake the truck apart!!....What gives or is this just how a heavy equipment trailer tows (at least one with a pintle hitch)?...The hook has plenty of room around the ring so I guess this causes alot of play as opposed to a ball coupler?...Is it OK to wrap or stuff something in the eye to talk up some of the slack?.....I looked at the sidewalls on the tires and it says cold tire pressure is 115 PSI...I think I will air them down a bit to get home (8 Tires)....The trailer sits level (thanks to a huge adjustable plate on the hitch) but it pulls horribly...I did notice that the wheels are placed about dead center on the trailer....Maybe not enough tongue weight? (I will chain 2 exmark 48" walkbehinds on it tomorrow to see if that helps)....Any other ideas? Oh...The tires appear as new...plenty of tread and not cupped.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

  2. Mr. Vern

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    A pintle will never pull as smoothly as your ball hitch, but it should not be shaking or banging excessively. It has been my experience that excessive jerking and banging is almost always due to improper weight transfer. One way to check it is to activate the trailer brake only while at speed, if it smooths out you can bet the tongue weight is too low and you will need to load with more front bias. What are you trying to accomplish by lowering the tire pressure?
  3. gammon landscaping

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    why in the world are you pulling that trailor with a pickup??? the problem you have is you don't have enough truck for that trailor. it was designed to be pulled by a dump truck/ road tractor. we had a miller 12 ton tilt top, one of the best traliors we ever had.

    a pickup pulling that trailor is like you puting a wheel on an ezdumper and useing it for a wheelbarrow
  4. janb

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    Pintle hitches actually tow very nice, and you can sometimes feel the slop when braking or backing.

    unfortunately there must be something wrong with trailer, hopefully just an out of balance or out of round tire (or...alignment or bent axle or wheels) (or hitch / unlikely)
    since it is a 'NameBrand' it would have been manufactured to provide adequate tongue weight to tow empty.
    1) jack up the wheels and spin to discern wobble or 'out of round'
    2) accurate level to check perpendicularity of each set of wheels (use a 2x4 to span tire (vertically) if inflated uniformly, can do this while jacked up (a hair, but equal each check (not perfect but close enough))
    3)get a longer 2x4 that will span and over hang tires, place in horizontal center and measure across outside of tires (width) compare front and rear of each tire for Parallel)
    4) sight horizontal 2x4s on each set of tandem to see if aligned
    5) accurately measure longitudinal placement of axles relative to trailer (frt or rear)

    or ... find a place to have it aligned

    we'll hope for the cheapest and easiest to find solution.

    Air equipped trucks often have a pintle slack adjuster, but not required
  5. Andyinchville

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    Thanks for the replies....As far as airing down the tires...I Thought that that would tend to make the whole combination bounce less....I notice the ride on my pickup improves dramatically when I air down to 35 PSI instead of the 85 LBS max on the sidewalls....I realize that this does decrease stability and load cap of the tires but when unloaded its seems OK...I do air up before towing or hauling heavy....As far as why I bought the trailer....I couldn't let this one slip away....Only had to pay $1500 for it (does need a few boards replaced and a battey powered breakaway system)....I do have a JD 450 Loader I can haul on it when my Big truck gets fixed (International 1854 w/ 16' dump)....I just wanted to get it home asap (unfortunattly 50 miles from my house).

  6. Gravel Rat

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    Just watch out Miller trailers are hard to get parts for two contractors I know both have Miller trailers there is no parts available for them anymore. The one contractor had to get custom built brakes for the trailer. The other contractor couldn't find parts so they junked the trailer.

    The problem you experienced is the trailer prolly weighs more than your Dodge does. Its too heavy to be pulling it behind a P/U truck.
  7. qps

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    Cat must own miller trailers...right GR:waving:
  8. Dirty Water

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    I think that in Canda, its impossible to get parts for anything that doesn't say Ford or hitachi on it.
  9. Squizzy246B

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    Oh..C'mon you guys...stop the leg pulling. Everbody knows Cat bought Canada years ago!:rolleyes:
  10. qps

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    You know I'm just kidding GR...back to the subject, I have pintle hitch's on all my em....very little noise from sliding on the ball...:canadaflag:

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