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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by irritation, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I have 4 Nightscaping Pioneer Lanterns that hang on the porch of my cabin and are on all night every night.
    They take 1-T-3 wedge 2.4w and 1-T-5 wedge 16.5w each.
    The standard incandescent bulbs don't last long and I'm thinking switching to LED.
    What is the difference between the T-3 and T-5 bases? Also any recommendations for LED bulbs?
    Here is a link to the lights. Thanks for any help.
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    You will have no trouble finding quality T5 LED lamps from however finding the appropriate T3s in LED may be a bit tricky. There are some on the market but they are designed for use in transportation applications. These will not provide you with the right colour and are not heat sinked or moisture proofed.

    You may want to consider switching the T3 socket over to a T5 and then you can have matched LED lamps installed. However, the light output will be rather intense. (I too have Pioneer Lanterns here at my home, and have opted to not use LED lamps for this reason).

    The easiest thing is to switch the standard incandescent lamps out with xenon incandescent. You can find these from THHC They offer a full range of sizes and outputs with greatly extended service life.
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    Thanks, intensity was my main concern and I use a much smaller watt bulb in the lower downlight because of that. I would like to find a less intense LED for the downlight just to try it out but will go with the xenons for now. The fixture calls for a 2.4w max in the upper globe but 3w is the smallest xenon they have. I doubt that will be a problem though.
    The only difference I see between the T5 and T3 is the size of the bulbs, the sockets are the same.

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