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Pipe Dream or is there Hope?


LawnSite Member
Western NY
Hello all,

I have been reading for awhile and gathering some tips, now I would like to ask everyone their opinion.

I have worked at a landscaping business before for about 2 years, but couldn't stand my boss, so took a job at a local Deere dealer instead about 4 1/2 years ago. I like the autonomy of being outside and being my own boss, but the security of the job I have right now.

My friend and I both hold full time positons but have the desire to mow lawns as an after work and weekend thing. Do you think there would be a call for something like that? I already mow a few lawns on the side with an older mower, as does he. It is just a few days a week right now, but would like to do it is a side job for the summer, or basically whenever the snow doesn't fly in the area.

I know that a lot of you on here are full time landscapers, and I have nothing but respect for that. Because of where I work, I could get a pretty good deal on some Z-Traks right now and eventually move to bigger models.

Your help is appreciated,


EJD Lawnpride

LawnSite Senior Member
There are a lot of guys around me that do just that. Sometimes I feel like doing the same. The security of a full time job is nice. Do you get benefits? If so then do it on the side.