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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bblawncare, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. bblawncare

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    My next door neighbor is having his concrete driveway torn up and replaced this week-the discharge line from his pump to the index valve runs under the driveway (don't yell at me, I did not do it that way-we're in FL, remember?) along with 1 other zone line. I am wondering what precautions he might take to prevent the pipe from being damaged when they re-pour the driveway. (or does the concrete company worry about that? :laugh: (funny, huh?) They (the pipes) are not much deeper than the existing concrete-and I know we can check them for damage after the demolition of the old, but what about when they pour? Wouldn't that stink if one of the pipes got damaged during the pour?? Could/should we sleeve them or lower them? Anyone ever have this problem or have suggestions to help prevent problems?
  2. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    I would sleve with a few 2 inch poly pieces of pipe.....or some large cheap pvc....

    Ive even see people sleve with corrugated drainage pipe.....good luck...
  3. WalkGood

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    Be careful that the sleeves do not get filled with cement!!!
  4. Mike Leary

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    Sleeve with 4" sch 40,( accept no substitutes.)
  5. geardriven

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    SCH 40 is the ticket...code in some places. Duct tape the ends, stake the ends and burry it till the concrete is done. Take note as to where the stakes are at b/c more than likely they'll get removed, knocked, etc...and you'll be searching for the sleeve.
  6. Mike Leary

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    Good point, we mark multiple sleeves with appropriate colors for future.
  7. bblawncare

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    Just to be clear here, we should cut and remove the old lines, place the sch40 sleeves-mark their places, tape ends to prevent concrete entrance, and then when concrete is complete, replace the lines by running them through the sleeves? Thanks for your help guys.
  8. AI Inc

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    Definatly mark the sleeves, as the saying goes " an unmarked sleeve is the same as no sleeve"

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    I elbowed my sleeves up and cut a pipe to extend 2-3' above grade. Not any big secret trick though.
  10. WalkGood

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    45 degree elbow ? Or a 22 ½ degree? Or are the elbows just for during cement pour (yes I know the 2-3' above grade is temp)?

    Elbows for sleeves used for poly make sliding pipe easier. But I imagine are awkward for glued PVC?

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