Piping under 30ft of asphalt

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by RLS_MEL, Jan 16, 2018.

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    i have use the water jetting method under driveways and sidewalks many of times, but this one has me nervous.. its a parking lot and there is a island that use to have irrigation but owner claims it was broken installing something(i cant recall).. but there is about 32ft of asphalt that i have to get under.. what will be the best way doing this with just without costing much. I am only making $500 and trying to get cost low as possible.. My original plan was just to get some 1" galvanized /w a tee fitting at the end. Use a sludge hammer and water jet it at the same time. My worries is getting the PVC pulled back through. Any advice,suggestions,ideas will be very much appreciated


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    $500 seems a bit low, especially since you don't really know how you plan to get the pipe over where you need it. I don't think that you're going to jet and pound a line 32' with much success. Realistic options would be 1) saw cut, trench, lay new line and patch asphalt. 2) find somebody to horizontally bore a line in for you or 3) find the existing line and hope that it's large enough to possibly run a smaller line through. Again, your $500 price tag is your biggest issue.
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    Around where I live it's very common to have Rip Rap Rock under crushed gravel laid to level the asphalt especially in commercial area's.

    I guess it depends on what's down there but a water jet sounds to me very difficult with that amount of length

    With the drain there and other possible utilizes a bore/ mole wouldn't be best.

    I think you best bet is to cement saw out a strip of asphalt and trench /install a new sleve/ pipe. Often you can lay the old chunks back in there with some asphalt sealant too
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    $500 for a 30’ core? No thanks
  5. RLS_MEL

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    Thanks for the advice, yes i know $500 is way to cheap for the job, but its a good friend of mine that sends ton of work my way. I thought when we discuss over the phone that it would be just a simple water jet and thats it. After seeing the pictures i started rethinking it, i didnt wanna back down so i figured ill try to figure out something. You guys make alot of sense though. no point to go thru all that trouble... thanks again
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    Here's one I piped under last month. You get one of these saws and cut it up and get the owner to pay to patch it. How are you doing this for $500 with no plan? Like everyone said you don't know what's under there and 32 feet is a long way to go. Cut it up and either take a loss or ask for more money.
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  7. Robert Stone

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    Your method has never worked for me; lots of gravel and rocks. So I had a company “drill” under my driveway and used a PVC pipe to house and protect my polyethylene pipes once put in place.
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  8. Mitty87

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    How much did you pay for that and how wide was the driveway?
  9. Robert Stone

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    I paid approximately $400 for two drilling sites back in 1991 by a sprinkler installation company. I only used them for that purpose; I did the remainder of digging and installation myself.
  10. RDALawns

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    I think you've way under bid this job.

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