Piping under asphalt

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by enorl76, May 13, 2014.

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    the boring missile might work-I used one several years ago, the problem being only if it hits rock, it will migrate upward and go straight through the asphalt.
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    Dude, you can push a piece of 2" steel pipe under the driveway with a backhoe, done it many times.
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    Yup. Sledgehammer works with a cap too. I don't care for the water cap
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  4. enorl76

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    Is it possible to push/sledge hammer plastic PVC under the driveway thats thickwall schedule 40?

    Or will it cause some sort of deform to the pipe so much that its not usable?
  5. 1idejim

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    That was schedule 40 in the pics on page one of this thread. I wouldn't try pushing over 12' with anything smaller than 3" because the pipe flex's too easy. Once it flex's it loses strength fast.

    I do this infar from ideal soil with 2" steel pipe and pull the new pipe in as I pull the pusher out. It's easy cut a foot or so of pipe off (one with threads) turn the other end of the pipe around and thread a coupling between the 2 pieces of pipe. Weld a chain or something to pull with on the other end.

    Once the pipe is through you can spin the pipe out of the coupling and thread the pvc into or onto the pusher. The new pipe is pulled in as you retract the pusher.
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  6. BrendonTW

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    Going under a driveway may be difficult, but if you have a trench running perpendicular to the driveway you can "hand-bore" it. You will need your pipe and a waterhose. We do this often for sidewalks, curbs, etc... Depending on your soil and how crappy the building contractor was you may be able to do this. Crappy contractors throw all kinds of trash under driveways, sidewalks, etc..

    We sometimes will use the initial boring pipe as a sleeve and run something smaller through it. Sometimes just use the boring pipe as the water line. With schedule 40 pipe, cut a few 1/4" teeth in the digging end of it, lay it in the trench butting up to the driveway, run the hose into it and just push and turn that thing until it gets through. Eventually it will be sending water & soil back up the pipe. Just like digging a well. You obviously have to make sure you start out level or you'll end up way off being above or below where you want - especially with a long run like 12'.

    I realize the pictures below are class 200, this thing was only going 2 feet.

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 1.jpg

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