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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fitzg2md, May 31, 2007.

  1. fitzg2md

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    Had a guy help me with a job today. Its a big 15 acre mowing job. All weeds! Scattered about are 65 small brick homes, and a few trees. Takes me about 8 hours to mow with my lazer Z and then about 4.5 hours to trim everything (quite a bit of trimming...a long ditch etc...) Thats all by myself.

    Well, since i really hate spending over 12 hours on this one job (which I underbid....ouch!) I figured I would get someone to help with the trimming. I get out there at about 10am and start mowing. He arrives at noon as instructed. So far so good. Looking to be done with the mowing by about 5:30 or so. figured he would be done trimming about that time. After all...a little slack since im sure he doesnt hustle like I do!

    Well, I am all over the place mowing, and cant afford to keep an eagle's eye on this guy (my first mistake). We agreed on an even 75 bucks for the trimming...3 hours, or 9. Six hours later and hes not even half way done!!!:dizzy: I finish mowing at 5:30 and hes just about half way through. He takes 2 more hours to get through a bit more (maybe 45 minutes of work). I was blown away.

    Not only this, but he used all but 20 feet of an 85 meter roll of trimmer line!:hammerhead: I kept telling him to just trim the grass...get the head out of the dirt etc. Wont listen. Nice enough guy, but come on!

    Does anyone else have trouble getting their employees trained on something as simple as a string trimmer? i wish I was around to light a fire under his ass! I was extremely disappointed in this guy. Where can I find very part time help that isnt completely helpless? Anyone had good results from a temp agency? All they will EVER be doing is using a string trimmer.
  2. mow2nd

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    YEP...................That is why I no longer mow grass anymore. I bet in the 7 years I was mowing I went thru 15-20 people. Only 1 worked out, and he still helps me today. We only do applications, screw that mowing crap.
  3. bohiaa

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    OMG.....Was his name Aaron ?

    this is the guy I fired Friday........

    go back and check to see if he trimmed everything
  4. fitzg2md

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    Thats the thing! He didnt even do a good job! For the amount of time he took it should have been perfect! he missed a good 1/4 of the trimming! Lame arse people
  5. tjsquickcuts

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    Yeah, been there done that. Well I have hired two guys who just graduated high school on this past weekend. One is going to school around the way in the fall, and the other is still trying to find his way. But, they work...and they are hungry for it too. They are learning all they can, and have almost master edging, line edging, and where to blow in less then a week. They are young, full of energy, and just glad to be making 350 - 400 bucks a week depending on how many hours we work. One of the guys, the one with no direction has a true landscaping talent. He will for sure be a keeper.

    Your guy reminds me of my brother in-law. Took him almost a hour to edge 11 homes, all in a row, and few with side walks. Pissed me off so bad the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time he pulled that crap. And just to think, I was pissing away 425 a week on him, for almost 2 months before my feeling bad for the guy finally wore off. Never again...Never, never, never.....
  6. meets1

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    Gotta hate it. I have a new kid this year as well. Everyone starts off trimming. Well first year for use with a cemetary to mow. Good place as any to learn. First time I trimmed with our other guy - went pretty well. I tell this new kid how do get things started with line, gas, etc and he has some knowledge - I say go at it but............ I give him $75 to trim. I told him if it takes you 2 hours or the next 2 day that is it and give him a lesson in contract labor and he is all gunho cuz he is thinking that is fast money. I would hate to tell ya the hours he put in! 3rd time now for trimming - he cut his time by a 1/2day worth of time. He is learning!
  7. Vikings

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    First day on the job and you give him 6 hours of unsupervised trimming?

    If so, you don't know how to train people. I just learned to string trim last year and it took a while to become 2nd nature. I would never, never let my temp help trim at all. It's so easy to scalp or kill small trees.
  8. meets1

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    Training People - like a student in a class room - HOMEWORK! No cheating! Eagle eye can't and will not be everywhere, everytime no matter what. Only way to this is to babysit! Then he ought to pay you!
  9. DuraCutter

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    I haven't seen a common sense post like this in a while. haha... I know, it's a mowing site, but just mowing is asking to make peanuts and I got tired of that a while back, I wanted steak...:)

    I'll mow only when it pays well, which means sporadically. I do have one site, it's a college. They pay me and my workers $70/hr for mowing with 21" mowers. I was there 2 days this month and billed over 9 grand. Good profit after paying the 6 guys about $20/hr including source deductions etc... :laugh: :laugh:

    Otherwise, hell with mowing and all it ever rode on. :hammerhead:
  10. capelawncare.com

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    I am curious. 65 Brick Houses on 15 acres? What are they Out-houses? I would think with that may houses on 15 Acres, there wouldnt be any grass to mow.

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