Pistol Grips vs ECS systems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. joed

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    Which steering system is better for a midsize WB. Is a system like Toro's T-Bar or Exmark's ECS that much more easier to control or is the traditional pistol grip format better? How does the pistol grip system work?
  2. summitgroundskeeping

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    Easiest sterring w/b is The GD scamper w/ the D loop handles. Just like the SuperSufer and the Wright Stander. Why they are getting rid of that style will never understand.
  3. MuskTurfKing

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    Well, as to which one is better, you have to decide for yourself, go and demo one of each, it's all a matter of opinion. What I may like to run you may hate, and vice versa.

  4. Doc Pete

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    Actually, the Hustler WB is by far the easiest and most effortless of any WB made. It has "no" levers, no safety switches to grip/hold , and has an automatic zero stop.
    It works just like a motorcycle throttle, and turning either grip engages both pumps together, so it always tracks straight, even with using only one hand.
    Absolutely no other WB can be driven frontwards and backwards or stop, and perfectly zero turn with only one hand. You can mow a whole lawn using just one hand and leave no divots. No other machine can run one side of the handle/lever through a rose bush hedge, while you control and/or stop the machine with only the other.
    Pete O'

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