PITA & bagging in summer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KLMlawn, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Just wanted to get a few opinions on a customer I have who constantly complains that he is finding grass in his pool and all over inside his house.
    I explain to ALL of my new customers that my methods entail that I pick up in the early spring and then again the last few weeks of Oct. before waiting to do a clean-up in Fall. During the Summer, I use mulching blades and do not pick up and as a matter of fact it is recommended that mulching is a preferred method by returning the nutrients back to the lawn along with all the other benefits that we all are aware of.
    I don't usually even carry catchers on the truck in the summer and often have mulching kits and cutoff plates installed on my machines. To convert the machines to bag would take about 5-10 minutes per machine.
    My question to everyone is, should I take the time and change my method of operation just for one PITA customer, or just tell him once again that I do not pick up, in fact I have double cut his back just to ensure that everything was cut up finely, and that if this isn't satisfactory, he should find another lawn service?
    Thanks for your opinions .....
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    How important is his business? Does he expect the same price for the lawn being bagged if so it may not be worth your time. I hate bagging so much that I am now mowing this one guys lawn 2X/week to avoid it. Incredible growth. Was cutting it bagged for $50/cut now I am mulching it 2X/week for $30/cut. We are both happier. His lawn looks better all week and I don't kill myself bagging.
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    In my opinon, I think it depends on how the grass is getting into the pool. If it's just getting tracked in, that's one thing. However, if you're getting it in the pool while mowing, I think that's unacceptable and your responsibility to find a way not to. I would offer to bag but for an additional charge (enough to cover your set-up change and other xtra time) if that's what he insists on. I always try to accomodate my customers, as long as they are willing to pay. As far a getting grass in the house, I'd suggest he wipe his feet before going inside.
  4. KLMlawn

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    Just as a point of clarification .... His pool is a 4' above ground and I have made the suggestions of using a container filled with water to be placed on the deck platform to rinse off bathers feet before entering the pool as well as placing a mat outside the back door so everyone could do as I would expect most normal people do ... wipe their feet off before going into the house.
    I also am charging a bit more for his property than I normally would do to the fact that along with the pool supports, he has quite a few plantings and beds that need to be edged and weed whacked.

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