PITA can't understand why I won't do free work :)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Nov 14, 2006.

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    OK, there is a PITA lady I have had several post about. It was my fault her yard had weeds because I did not bag everytime, cussed at me for quoting 1200 on a shrub job, and many others. I did her yard two weeks ago and since I no longer have my exmark with the bagger I had to go over it with the mulcher and then bag it with my smaller mower. Well, she does not like her straw mulched when she puts it in her flower bed and b*tched about it. Today I used my BP blower and blowed the straw into piles then hauled it to the back yard cussing under my breath the whole time thinking to myself "if I could just get a few more good yards this old b*** would be history. She then comes out and points to a huge pile of straw across the road her neighbor had raked up. The pile was 30 feet long, 4 feet wide and 3 feet high. She said "I called Ms. Jones and she said I could have the straw so I want you to put it here, here here pointing at different places. I asked her did she know that would be an extra charge. She snapped back "why h*ll no, I expected you to do it since it was only across the road then slammed the door so hard it rattled the window. Thats it, I had enough, I finished blowing off her drive then went to get the check and told her politely that it would be in both our best interest for her to get someone else to do her yard. Wow, what nice language she had when I turned and walked away :) Forgot to add also that she wanted me to start coming every 2 months until the grass started growing again, never mind the long needle pine straw. Bad thing about it when I first got her she was not a neighbor but since I moved in my dads place she is only 2 houses down. I had already dropped her daughter last month for being just like her and it felt d*mn good! I know I have to put up with a lot of crap since biz is so competive here but there comes a time when I've had enough and I have a gotten a lot better about being patient but its going quickly:laugh:
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    May I?

    I think you did well actually... You didn't go off on her, yet politely got rid of your headache, beats my old methods by a mile and it's the way to go.

    Now, for next spring consider putting out at least DOUBLE whatever advertising you did this year...
    That will help with the first issue.

    On the other issue, I've learned a trick lol... I get that too, they come out and wanna get kinda 'bossy' and talk about here and there and point their finger and it used to make me really mad, too...

    But nowadays, first I run my stopwatch a LOT!
    I turn it ON when I first start working on the yard, and run it until I am done, here's the thing:
    - It helps guide me, lets me know if the price is right (both for them and for me).
    - It helps me improve, there is something telling me exactly how long it took.
    And the bonus:
    - When they come out talking, the clock is running. Oh yeah, I used to stop the clock for that but not anymore, the chronometer keeps right on running. That helps, first I get paid for it, second it gives me a sense of urgency so usually the talk stays short (yeah cuz much past 5 minutes they can't afford the talk and they'll dang near have a cow over the bill, so it has to stay short).
    - Whenever they ask for this and that here and there, I just say ok and 'no problem,' and yes ma'am...
    Then I go do it, remember the chronometer is ticking the entire time.

    When I'm done, I stop the clock, fill out the bill, and leave it on the door.
    Did that the other day, they were home and I did their leaves in 2.33 hours and sure enough, it wasn't peachykeen perfect so they wanted me to go over several spots again. Sure, no problem.
    About 2.75 hours later, the bill: $140 (it would've been $120 but hey).
    Way I do it, I'm a nice guy on the price so long I get my way... Once it becomes 'their way,' $1 / minute firm.
    Remember to stay polite and smile.
    Then just leave the bill on the door and get outta there, check will be in the mail.

    Man dude, I been doing that scheat and it works great!
  3. topsites

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    As for a good watch that doesn't break every 2 weeks and doesn't cost an arm and a leg...

    I looked long and hard, must've gone through a half dozen watches, seems most wristband watches just don't or can't stand up to some wear and tear: I need a watch that stays on my wrist, water and weather and shock and Life PROOF!

    I found the Armitron digital All-sport line holds up for 2+ years of every single 24 hours / day wear, through showers and mechanical maintenance and work and whatever happens to it, it keeps right on ticking and the tough rubber wristband holds up well, also.

    Price should be under $20 (15.99-19.99).
    This thing rules for daily time measurements, calendar, stop watch, 24 hour or am/pm, countdown timer, a secondary time zone, alarm and hourly chime.
  4. Grass Kickin

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    Good job in getting rid of a headache. There is no reason to keep someone around who is a constant problem. You did it in a professional manner. Kudos.
  5. LawnBrother

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    Quality, is that the same lady who wanted her shrubs cut back and you took a chainsaw to them? Just curious. At any rate, it's always fun to dump a PITA, so good for you. I agree with Topsites on the stopwatch thing. I started doing that this year and I think it is funny when someone comes outside and wants to BS. They don't realize that instead of running their mouth "a mile a minute" as they are used to, they are now running it "a dollar a minute"! Jokes on you Jack hahaha.......
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Lawnbrother, this was a different one. The lady I took the chainsaw dropped me again when her 35 year old son moved back home (second time she did this) and is going to try to let him do it again. I have been wanting to dump this PITA for a long time though and I'm really suprised at myself for not going off on her since I don't take my "don't get mad pill" anymore.:laugh:
  7. BQLC

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    I have up mine on occasion to don't beat the he*l out of them pills
  8. QualityLawnCare4u

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    :laugh: :laugh: Yep, I know that feeling very well!
  9. WildWest

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    You did better than I would have. I'm too old to put up with ANYONES crap! (and I'm not THAT old)
    I can handle someone having a bad day.... but the "this here, that there, my neighbor has "hay" YOU GO GET IT and put it here" shizzle wouldn't fly with me, unless we can talk $$, otherwise...they can get it their damn self!
    As soon as someone starts the yelling, cut'em off, and kindly explain to them that you can talk to me like a person, or you can say goodbye.
  10. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Wildwest, normally I would not have handled it quite so nicely but I was in a wanting to drop her mood already when I got there about her complaining about my mower mulching up the straw. I was ready for that ONE more thing for me to make her go away and felt relived when it happened, sorta like getting rid of a bad disease.:laugh: I new it was coming and actually looked forward to it! Her husband told me awhile back that I was the only lawn guy that had lasted a year with her, usually goes threw 4 a year.

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