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    Are any of you getting premiums for scheduling Thursday or Friday? I remember hearing the topic other times and didn't think much about it. I'm solo, eight years in business, and haven't had a problem until this season. Last season, a couple customers who happened to be Thursday in the past were changed to accomodate my schedule, and they really got upset when I started coming on Tuesday. I could not change after the season started and they didn't understand.

    This season, I had many requests for Thursday or Friday, unlike past seasons. I've been able to accomodate most, but not all. In one case, I'm doing side-by-side customers on two separate days.

    My question: Do you charge a premium for scheduling a customer on Thursday or Friday, but charge another customer next door regular rates when you prefer to work their properties together (second customer made no request for specual day)? And, if you are charging a premium, but weather does not permit you to mow on that day and you have to slide them, do you charge them regular rate? In other words, is the premium a charge for *scheduling* not for the day you do able to do the work? Obviously, we can make no guarantees for the day because of weather, but we can make a promise for scheduling them on a particular day.

    This wasn't a problem until this season - now I have more requests than work slots for Thursday and Friday. I'm considering what to do next season.

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