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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by impactlandscaping, May 16, 2004.

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    We signed a lady for a yard renovation and hydroseeding a few weeks ago. The job also called for the removal and grinding of a 45' Maple tree, and six 6' arbs, which I subbed out to my regular tree guy. We got our deposit check on a Friday, our tree guy got in Monday, cut the tree down and started grinding and found a tracer wire from the gas co. He stopped, called miss utility, and they couldn't come mark the line until Thursday. Homeowner is OK with this, and agrees to let the gas co. turn off gas to the house that morning while Bob does the roots of the Maple tree.We tell her we will be in the following Monday to start moving dirt(they had a new garage built, and took all the excavated dirt and threw it in the back yard, about 20 t.) they wanted this dirt spread over the entire back yard area. Mind you, the yard was pretty nice to begin with , but had some contouring problems to be fixed. Well, our rental of the MT 50 was dealyed because of a broken track on Monday..not going to be ready until Friday.., and b/c of other scheduling problems, we could not get back to the job until the following Monday..so MOnday comes around, waiting for the delivery, get a call...the machine was rented over the weekend, and is broken down again until Thursday..homeowner getting mad here..Call everyone I know to come and sub it out for me, and everyone is busy..finalyy get a guy to come and do it last Thursday..sub soil is all rock and clay, and top dressed with ten tons of topsoil..he buried a water drain we spent 2 hours looking for yesterday..found it opened it..OK....Now she is calling saying she read on the internet about soil prep for hydroseeding needing to be as good or better than a sod install..told her I have plenty of experience growing lawns, but we just started hydroseeding last September...I have been doing this for 14 years, and do not need to justify my actions to this woman..I feel like no matter what we do, it will not be good enough, and she will continue to be a thorn in my side all summer, or not pay after the job is done..you know when you get that feeling??.. I am ready to take the loss, and null and void her contract..I hate to do so after the delays we experienced, but I think she is going to complain no matter what...she is rightly so worried about the grow in period before the heat of summer, but I am ready to walk, and suggest she goes with another contractor at this point....What would you do in this situation??? Sorry for the long post...
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    no way! don't quit yet you've got too much in it already (my opinion) finnish get paid and move on...don't know about west virginia but i think it would still come in around here, and i think its about the same climate as you. ...also i'd tell her i've seen ads for free money, free cars, miracle cancer pills and anything else you can imagine on the internet,...tell her you stand behind your work and it'll all be okay.
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    Are you going to give her money back? It sounds like the lady has been more than patient. Maybe she did read on the internet that the soil prep needs to be better for hydroseeding. You need to reassure her that you will do a quality job, or give the money back and move on.
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    I told her today( yes, she called on a Sunday) that I would stand behind the seeding, and she now wants me to turn all the backyard soil over that was just graded and smoothed on Thursday. She refuses to pay anymore above the contract, and I feel like I am being pulled along..She signed a contract for the exact job specs listed, and now is saying that it isn't good enough. I think I would rather take the hit, walk, and take a chance of her bad mouthing us than to complete the yard, have her complain all summer, and STILL bad mouth us. I have never had any problems like this ever with any other clients. I should have known she was going to be a PITA when she wanted references before signing the contract..All the references were great, by the way, but she made it a point to say they were for smaller jobs than we are doing for her??So what, a few hundred less , maybe, like it matters in the end. I am thinking about calling her in a little while, and calling it. I have only received one check for 1040.00 for a 30% deposit. The second 30% was to be paid last week, and never was yet. I am only out a small percentage right now, and the other 450.00 she owes me for 6 new hemlocks from another job, will cover my topsoil and ancillary costs from Thursday. I will just be out for 12 hours of billable time if I stop now..I would rather move on than get an ulcer worrying about this particular woman all summer. It just sounds to me like she is trying to pick apart the price she agreed to, and justify the cost , like it is doing me some big favor to do her lawn. I don't know why people think we make so much of installs..I would rather do maintenance and mow all week, rather than do an installation..
  5. impactlandscaping

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    We are over the 1040.00 from the down payment. I have reassured her we are more than qualified to do this lawn, and she keeps trying to undermine the competency of me and my crew, now with all this "info" from the internet. Many people go about different paths to reach the same direction, right??At this point, I would rather tell her she doesn't have to worry about paying the remaining $ 2400.00, since I will not finish the account. The 20 ton dirtpile is spread, 10 tons of new soil spread, yard is graded, arbs and tree removed and ground, and there are 6 new hemlock in place of the arbs. I think she would be getting a hell of a deal for $ 1040.00 IMO...
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    I would stick with the contract, do it as it says, nothing extra
  7. meets1

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    Go with the contract. Get in & get out!
  8. Aleman

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    As I read through the post, I wondered, if you have been doing this for 14yrs then why do you need the opinion of a bunch of internet strangers? Trust your own judgment and treat her the same as you would like to be treated as a customer.
  9. TRex

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    If you are not a man of your word then you are not a man at all. Stick to the contract at all costs.
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    That's sorta what I was thinking...

    Any advice we give you would be no better than what she "read on the internet." After all, you're reading this on the internet.
    So, Free advice being worth every penny that you pay for it, here's mine...
    Tell her to adhere to your contract, or hire the know-it-all she was reading about on the internet.

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