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    I have this one account a vet office that is right next door to a pharmacy, I show up to mow the vet office and notice that the pharmacy has not yet been serviced this year. So I walk over to talk with someone, he says he has a guy I say allright and head back on over to go to work. Well next week show up to mow and the same thing, still has not been mowed, grass is now 5 inches tall. So finally on the third week I try one more time he says mow it, he has called his guy three times with no returned calls. Well I thank great it is always nice to knock a couple out in one stop. Well we show up this week and mow, I go in and the guy says well we will pay you for this time but not to mow anymore, wtf, he says his guy came in all apoligetic with some story and he was going to let him have it back. :realmad: I know no contract. I told him I didnt think it was right after we clean it all up and get it back in shape, and show up and give superior service that he just give it to somebody that does not even return there phone calls. He says well if it doesnt work out I will give you a call, Yeah go ahead and call me the price just doubled.
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    Not sure I would label him a PITA. Can you clarify what happened a bit more? From the sound of it, you pursued it, not him. Did you ask if he wanted to get on as a regular after you cut it the first time or did he ask you to cut it again after the first time and then he changed his mind? Did you charge and extra clean-up fee for that first cut? If he is happy with a guy that desn't show up regularly then so be it, and yes charge more when he decides he wants you the next time the guy doesn't show but get it signed on the dotted line.
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    I guess you could say I pursued it, after three weeks of nobody cutting I figured his guy fell through so I went back talked with them and made the deal. Yes it was supposed to be mine, no I did not charge more, I know I should have but my thinking was I can knock two accounts out in one stop, so I lost money on the first cut but thought I would make it up later as the season went by.
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    That's too bad he did not let you keep the account. Sometimes I have a higher price for the first visit if its a mess.

    Keep on rockin :D
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    Some people are strange, I have one lady that refuses to let her lawn guy trim her scrubs, I have to do it.......The lawn guy drove his ZTR over her steel edging and took a big chunk out of it....she still has him around....I'm sure I'll get it(lawn) one of these days....but Damn he sucks..... :)
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    It sounds like he used you. Did you charge more for that first cut?
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    Trim her scrubs??
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    i guess you have to keep the scrubs under control somehow, eh? :p :)

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