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  1. JimLewis

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    PITA Bread - Money you get from a PITA customer who finally pays up after making you redo everything 5 times.

    PITA Pocket - Something that is nearly impossible to get into because PITA customers are so tight fisted.

    PITA Sandwich - Having two clients right next door to one another who are both PITAs and they are both griping at you at the same time.

    PITA & Humus - A PITA customer who complains that the new planting compost you brought in for her annuals doesn't have enough humus in the soil.

    Chicken PITA - a PITA customer who is afraid to tell you their rediculous complaints in person so they have to do it in a rude letter.

    Organic PITA - A customer who insists that you treat her lawn using completely "green" and organic methods. No gas powered equipment. No chemicals. Just likes everything to be au' naturale. AKA Granola PITA or Whole Wheat PITA.
  2. Sandgropher

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    I didnt know there was so many P.I.T.A.S , i have not met all of those yet but i am sure that i will :cry: and probally different ones to.
  3. MTR

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    You forgot, "Smelly Lamb PITA," who always treat you like you are nothing never exist in this world! You know what I mean, from descending phone tone, to talking without looking at you, especially the ones voicing at you while showing off his golf swing like he is one of A. Palmers students, and best of all, keep forgetting or calling you wrong name! :nono:
  4. Tn Lawn Man

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    One more

    Spicy PITA - A PITA that has to yell everything at you in an insulting tone rather than make simple comments.

  5. Brendan Smith

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    i have one who constantly calls me "brian". it drives me insane. (btw, i have told her it is brendan, not brian) so i intentionally started mangling her last name (instead of mrs. defee, i call her mrs. camfee), and she doesn't seem to notice. still makes me feel better, plus it is great fun to watch my buddy who helps me on saturdays struggle to control his laughter every time i talk to her.:)
  6. 1MajorTom

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    Strange, but we have a customer that actually calls Matt "brian" too. I mean that's not even close to his name. For 8 yrs she has been doing it. I said to Matt, "why don't you tell her your name?" he says, "I have many times in the beginning, but after years of being called brian, i'm not going to say to her, "btw, i my name is matt." oh well. :dizzy:
    btw, funny thread. :laugh:
  7. MLawns

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    How about the ones that don't pay attention to a word you say? I can say something to someone and by the end of the conversation they don't remember what you said-sometimes I wonder if it's me or my tone of voice or what-I have been rude a couple of times and asked them if they paid attention to anything. I have always been a good communicator and when this happens it really makes you wonder. If it were concerning something I cared about around my home, I would certainly pay attention. My truck was in the shop one day early this summer and the owner/operator pulled this ....I was all over him. When it comes to business, pay attention!
  8. Brendan Smith

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    how about:
    messy pita - a pita who insists on leaving their crap all over the yard even though you have told them 84 times to pick it up

    planter pita - a pita who constantly plants new stuff to weedeat around and prevent you from mowing at anything faster than crawling speed
  9. jeffex

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    pita- allotta [ any form of alcoholic beverage used to forget the irrational conversation you just had with a PITA]
  10. JimLewis

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    I like the Spicy Pita one. Definitely had those before. LOL.

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