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  1. Poncho25

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    So I get to my 1st house for today which was around 8:15, when I get done the guy who lives next door comes out and starts bitching at me for being there to early and that I woke him up, he went on to tell me that he and his kids didn't goto bed till 3am...and being he is out of work atm he was sleeping in... I was very polite about this even though I wanted to just rip him a new one!! This wasn't to early, as the ord is usally anytime after 8am. 2nd of all get up off your fat ass and get a job instead of sleeping in u tard!! He kept asking me to make that client my last for the day...I told him sorry but no, he is my 1st client of the day and then I work my way back towards where I live!!
    I just don't understand some people sometimes i guess...
  2. txgrassguy

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    You are much more kind than I am.
    Local Ordinance says I can start at 08:00 then 8:00 it is.
    Dude starts in on me I will explain, only ONCE, that I am in the right.
    He continues than he can either speak to the cops or the business end of my shovel.
  3. TPLawnPro

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    This LAGrassGuy is in 100% agreement with the TXGrassGuy.

    That annoying PITA neighbor either gets a visit from the cops, or if he gets out of hand - :hammerhead: .
  4. okeefl

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    Do your absolute best to be there at 0805 next week.
  5. Supper Grassy

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    not even be at the site before * so when the clock strikes * you can turn every piece of equiptment on, if the guys comes out again tell him to talk to police and you are clearly allowed to cut since the ordnice states that you can start cutting at *
  6. KTO Enterprises

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    You handled that a lot better than I would have. More than likely that would have come to me an him mashing in the front yard. I have had people come out and complain because I was stirring up dust. That usually ends up in a lot of those 4 letter words George Carlin says are bad coming out of my mouth.
  7. lawnman_scott

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    I had this problem with a neighbor once at about 10. Well they called the number on the trailer to tell me the guy in the truck was using racial profanities towards them. So I did switch it to about 7:45 am. I also let them know I was the owner and not to (profanity)lie about things. It didnt help, but made me feel better that they knew that I knew they could do nothing.
  8. GreenN'Clean

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    Wow we start as early as 6 30 am on some routes but normally start at 7am sharp. This is a Business and people shouldn't get bent out of shape for people doing there jobs. We have garbage men starting as early as 5-6 am dumping and throwing trash in there trucks making tons of noise and know one ever complains.
  9. Poncho25

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    Yeah well the city of Tampa has an Ordinance of 8am so I usally am out on the road by 730 - 745 the latest. reason being I handled it that way, is that alot of times I am solo when I do this route and the last thing i want happening is some loser going out to my trailer when I am in the back an start stealin stuff. This was the 1st time he ever said anything to me, then again I just picked up this account a few weeks ago... I will wait and see if he starts crap with me again about it.
  10. Frontier-Lawn

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    bobby lives on :laugh:

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