Pitcher's Mound (my first)



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St. Joseph, MI
Craigs lawncare:

Sorry I did not see this sooner. The mound bricks I use come in 8-packs wrapped in heavy plastic. I get them on pallets from a distributor in northern Michigan called Tri-Turf. John Deere Landscapes, formerly LESCO, sometimes have them you can buy one at a time. They have several stores in MI. Some of the big sports equipment places on line offer them but you sure don't want to pay freight on these. Each package is around 65#.

If it's not too late and you want to drive to St. Joseph I can provide them, if you are interested.

After the pictures above were taken, I softened a few bricks in water in a 5-gallon pail, drained the water, mixed them up to a thick paste using a 1/2" drill motor and a drywall mud paddle. Then I troweled it over the bricks, forcing it into all the joints. The result was like a skim coat of plaster. My intent was to keep the infield dirt and Turface mix from finding its way into the cracks. I was trying to give the bricks time to fuse together before infield dirt settled in between them. It seems to have worked well on this and other mounds (and batters boxes).


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Wow... I just read through this after your comment on the little league field. This is awesome! I never realized what went into a pitchers mount. I just always assumed "dirt upon dirt"... It looks awesome.