Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes pond and waterfall pictures

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Pittsburgh Stone83, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Just wanted to introduce myself and my work to you avid water gardeners. You can see more of our work and information on our web site www.pghsw.com. You can also contact me directly from our web site with any questions. Enjoy!





  2. pitrack

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  3. Twitchy

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    Very nice water features. Love the lg boulder placement in the 3rd and 4th pics. What company makes the pond kit?
  4. Pittsburgh Stone83

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    I used Aquascapes for ten years than switched over to Atlantic. Aquascapes politics are a joke. If you don't enroll (pay) for their certified program, they don't want nothing to do with you. But they'll use your pictures for their marketing.
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    Fantastic work! Great proportioning and blending of rock sizes. The plantings are the icing on the cake.

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