PJ Dump Trailer.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Lucky1, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Lucky1

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    Has anyone ever come in contact with a dump trailer named PJ Trailers? Would like to know what people who have owned one think of them., also if a 14 ft. dump seems a little long? Tow vehicle is a F250 ,04 diesel, also your opinion of a single 5" hoist on a trailer that size, or buying the sissor hoist? The trailer is rated at 14000#. Thank You.
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    Yes , i have one it is a 2003 pj 8x10 with a 12,500lb. gvw. it is a great trailer. it will hold more than it says no problem. the only problem i had with it was i snapped a lug stud some how (i think i backed into a sharp drive one time when fully loaded. it was an easy fix. for that big of trailer i would get the scissor lift. I would watch getting the 14' unless you are hauling mostly light bulky stuff. i have a 95 cummins 2500 5 spd. 4x4 it has lots of banks goodies and some fuel and intake work. the trailer is heavy (about 4000lb. empty). it pulls good but you can tell it is back there.if you do get it i would definataly get the scissor lift and the 3 way tailgate and possibly the babcat ramps. I have seen what those new ford diesels can do but 14' is alot of wieght. one company around here got a 14' maxi-dump with all the bells and wistles and pulled it back with a 2001 350 ford 4x4 srw 5.4 triton and it about killed it. he won't pull it loaded with anthing less than a 450 or 650 diesel. hope this helps PM if you have more questions
  3. Lucky1

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    Thank you for your reply. I bought a 12ft., 14,000# JP dump the other day, I have used it to haul several loads of crushed stone, it worked quite well. I was really surprised how well it spread. I think it spread as well as my dump truck (30,000# ford LN 800). This trailer is the best by far I have seen, built like a tank. Thank you again.

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