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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Natural Impressions, Oct 9, 2007.

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    I have a question for experienced pond installers.

    I currently have a lawn customer who asked me about installing a pond for him. I told him I have some knowledge of experiencing koi pond but hands on experience. This didn't faze him and was happy to be my Guinea pig. He trusts me him getting all info for the project and trusts that I will give him an honest price.

    Anyway, the place where he want to put the pond is right where his drainage problem is. The pitch of the grade on the house, along with the sandy soil makes for a wet surface. It might not rain for a week and there still is a soft surface ( makes mowing a slow process in this area).

    Here is my question(s).

    Can I put the pond there? Will the pond collapse in this area? Or just create another problem else where? Is there a way to divert the poor drainage with stone placed in the ground( pvc piping)? How about if I was to install a retaining wall in front of it with stone in front of that to help area with drainage?

    These are all just ideas in my head and with some help I am hoping a solution can be made. Thanks for your time and comment would be appreciated.
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    i made a pond for my girlfriends parents this past spring. the water table is very high on there property and for as long as they can remember there backyard always had drainage problems and was constantly soft. i placed the pond pretty much in the middle of the "mess" and created a french drain for the overflow. i dug out an area about 3' wide x 15' long x 2' deep, filled with 2 1/2" + stone (about 3 yards), layed perforated pvc connected to the overflow with more stone on top, landcape fabric, then covered with topsoil. they are almost more impressed about the drainage problems being gone then with there pond. the area surrounding the pond isn't soft and shitty any more the drainage pretty much took care of it. hope this helps.

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