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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by freshprince94, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. freshprince94

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    We're getting close to the start of the busy season here in Florida, so I thought I'd share what I'm going to do for 2009.

    1. Equipment Changes-My 21" had a new transmission installed recently, and got a tune up. I was planning to go with a big ZTR this year, but I want to stay with small mowers like Justmowit, etc. Most of my lawns work fine with the 21". I'm thinking of buying a Honda or Exmark Commercial 21", and for the bigger lawns a 32" w/b or Wright Stander. That way, I can keep my 4x8 trailer and we wont have issues with the gates in this area.

    2. Branding-I'm trying to brand the company as much as possible. I'm definitely having shirts made ASAP. Probably going to get some promotional stuff like pens and such. Also going to get ID cards for me and my helpers so my customers know who we are. We're going to get those armband holders so they don't interfere with anything. Also gonna get signs for the trailer and van. We're going to try using Facebook as an interface to interact with our younger clients, which we do have a lot of surprisingly.

    3. Clientele-I'm planning to drop both of my PITAs who have crappy grass and dont water their yards. They dont care about their yards and are horrible to deal with. Ill pick up two better yards to replace them.

    4. Foreclosures-Mowing foreclosures is very profitable right now because of the sheer volume of them. I know a realtor with hundreds of them and am looking in to taking over the mowing for them. I don't mind doing foreclosures at all so it's good for us.

    Thats whats planned so far. Let me know what you think

  2. Proc's Lawncare

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    Sounds good! I like the ID Tag idea... Let's people who don't always see you and/or crew members know what's going on and why there are people in the yard. The T shirt idea is great as well, gotta love a clean cut crew coming in as opposed to the outside posse running up the street. Best of luck to you in 09, sounds like you have your head in the right place!
  3. kaferhaus

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    You have a good handle on it seems to me.

    I'd forget the give-aways they do nothing.

    Stick with equipment that's lightweight (ruts) and fits through gates just as your're doing.

    Commercial ZTR's can be problematic on residentials as the potential for causing damage is always high.

    One of the most succesful residential operators here has nothing but walk behinds and upper end Husqvarna lawn tractors. No ztr's of any kind. they do mostly small yards 1/2 acre or less but they do a ton of them (and he's not cheap either).

    We do use commercial ZTR's on residentials but they're all small riders (42" decks) and their still really too heavy.

    I've considered buying "estate" ZTR mowers to reduce the weight issue, but I'm leary of their ability to stand up to the constant use... we may try one yet this year and see.
  4. jeffex

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    just the fact that you have a plan is a good thing IMO. I believe customers get a sense from us as we talk with them that we are motivated and professional vs just mowin' a few lawns. It helps build a name for you and your business too. I would proceed with caution on foreclosures and establish a pay history before I would go gung ho on those. Getting work and getting paid for work are 2 different things. I'm sure your already aware of all this stuff though.
  5. cutting md

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    i agree with jeffex ... I work for a relator in maryland and i have never had a problem getting paid but i have heard alot of storys on not getting paid... Jeffex im right down the road from you...
  6. Green Finger

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    He is 100% correct! Two different things.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    sounds like a good plan.
  8. jeffex

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    where do you opperate? I usually start around the 10th of April cutting . I'm doing some mulching and small jobs this month .
  9. cutting md

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    im out of the glen burnie area ... Most of my work is in the crownsville , severn , millersville area. Same here doing mulch and clean up work here .

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