Plan to be LAST on Google, not 1st on Google

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    Years and years ago, if you bought the first automobile in your town or city, it could be a piece of cake to get the front row parking spot if you drove to a local park for the baseball game or something. Provided that horse carriages did not come in abundance.

    But today - let's see you plan to get the front row or first spaces at a pro league football stadium. If you can do it every week, please share the strategy. Otherwise, we'll just plan to get in that parking lot, find a spot and watch the game.

    Websites are like this more and more.

    The big story in one short example:

    Suppose 100 of us lawn companies and landscape companies in a big city all hire the same - and best - SEO web guy or gal. And they tweak optimize all 100 of our websites for Google or Yahoo, using the same super great techniques in each site. So, who gets to be 1, 2 and 3 ??

    It's a coin toss. A roll of the dice.

    So, these days, it's better for most new websites in a town saturated with similar-industry website presence, to merely focus on a clean, easy to read and use website. Ane then figure out how you are going to get people to your site with methods other than search engine results.

    If you have your basic information, which is your name, phone and city name, then people looking for YOU, will find you. But the days where articles should be named "how to be #1 on Google" are actually becoming archaic and Jurassic.

    This does not mean that someone has to be last. But these days, if you promote and work with your site as if you are not going to be #1, you will be better off whether you get there or not. The #1 slot goal is mainly realistic for areas with small internet presence of an industry.

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