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it depends on why you want to join. im a member and i find it worth while.

what other alternatives to PLANET do you think there are? there are smaller associations for the sub sets of this industry, but PLANET is working on uniting them all. They are well on their way.

Team Gopher

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Hi Frontier-Lawn,

What benefits did they offer you to join their organization?

MacLawnCo, what about their organization do you find to be worth while?

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Human Resources Consultant
Answers questions pertaining to human resource regulations and litigation, and provides online access to common HR forms
Offers valuable tips in his PLANET News monthly column and his monthly Personnel Notebook insert
Provides access to the HR University in the online “Member Center”
Operates a 24-hour hotline

Safety Issues Consultant
Answers by e-mail member questions about safety, OSHA policies, checklists, and forms
Writes Safety Solutions (monthly newsletter)
Operates a 24-hour hotline

Legal Issues Consultant
At no charge, answers routine legal questions affecting your business, including employment, contracts, and compliance issues.
Provides legal tips in his PLANET News monthly column.
Offers subscriptions to Employment Law Bulletin –– a free e-mail newsletter.

Collection Services
GreenFlag helps PLANET members recover bad debt and improve their cash flow with special discounts of more than 40 percent.

Fuel Discounts
Shell provides a 3 percent discount on fuel purchases for your fleet.

Rental Car Discounts
Hertz offers PLANET members special year-round discounts on rentals within the United States or worldwide.

National provides PLANET members unlimited mileage and year-round discounts off its rates at approximately 3,000 locations in 72 countries across the globe.

Alamo offers unlimited mileage and year-round discounts off its already great rates.


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I am a member of PLANET. It's not bad, but I thought that the PLCAA was better organized and you received more stuff.

I don't want to bash PLANET, because I will probably always be a member, but if you are looking to spend that kind of money for the first time in a membership, I would recommend joining the local chamber


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I actually voted against the merger. I think that I was one of only 2% of people that voted against it