Planning on purchasing at used Kubota

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by gml9, Jun 29, 2005.

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    I'm planning on purchasing a Kubota, 16 horsepower diesel for my lawn business(bushogging, grading, paver work, etc), and to build a driveway for my new home. B7100, 16hp/diesel, 4wd, hydro trans, 60" belly mower, brand new 48" bushhog, 16' double axle trailer....6500.00. I'm not sure of the hours on this unit or the year...I think it is a 1985 or so. I need to know the limitations of this thing, if the price is good, etc. I plan to purchase a frontend loader for it, if I buy it. Thanks for any imput.

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    For grading and paver work it will fail miserably, the engines on those things got terribly hot when you start pushing them, and basically, it is a toy tractor designed for a homeowner. Since it does not have power steering, when you load the bucket it will be next to impossible to turn, and for loading/cutting grades, the nose of the tractor will lift up and float over heavy objects. For using it with a belly mower, it will be blown out of the water production wise to any ZTR, or front mount machine dedicated for mowing production.

    The tractor is worth $3500.00 if in good shape, which leaves a trailer in the balance of $2,500.00. Unless the trailer is a well known brand, you can buy brand new 9999 GVW trailers all day long for $2,300.00.

    Basically, you have a multi purpose machine that won't do any one function you want it to do in an effcient manor. It would be great as a homeowners hobby tractor, but for what you are doing, I would not waste my time unless they want to lower the price considerably.

    Just my two cents, but time is money. Plan on spending alot of it using that machine.
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    Sounds like too much money and definitely not enough power.

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