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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by extremecutter, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Looking for some plano double sided parts organizer. Hunter use too carry them to put nozzles in. I have one that I purchased years ago from hd from nails and screws. Looked everywhere to find the around here( Hd, Lowes, Gander Mountain, Cabelo's, )
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    Hunter has theirs available with your contractor points.
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    i have found something like this to be ideal...|104777280|104619780&WTz_l=RI;IK-133771

    this is just an example...i have found some bags that can keep all of your nozzles, wire nuts, fuses, etc. AND give you side storage for some common tools

    i also found a great double sided organizer from of the best i have found for just a double sided organizer, very sturdy, kept water out, was pricey though, at least $50, worth it to me though...until it got stolen, with all my nicely organized nozzles in it

    what are others using to sort nozzles?
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  5. extremecutter

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    Thanks for the info, and keep it coming. Checked Hunter website and can't find were they are for the points system. Have the Jd landscapes rep checking into Hunter one", but thinks they were not available for a couple of years.
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    alright, so ironically i bought this today...;MMcat104793480;cat104777280;cat104619780

    i'm telling you, you can't go wrong with this...the first box i bought was something like you are talking about...a double sided tackle was around $50...bought this today and couldn't be happier, AND it was cheaper?! has 7 different tackle boxes to put all of your nozzles in (spray/rotor), and big side pockets to put tools and such in...i find that most of the time i need a rotor or spray, a nozzle for that rotor or spray, possibly an elbow, maybe a riser, wire nuts, poly clamps,'s ALL in this bag...the front pouch keeps all of my most used tools, like a poly crimper, wire stripper, screw drivers, channel locks, PVC cutter, the back is my volt meter...on the left side pocket i keep rotors, and the right i keep sprays, 3 on each side..

    for basic service calls, this bag has all you will need, no forgetting parts in the truck or having to make multiple trips
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