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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eho, Aug 2, 2005.

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    I will be entering my second year of college once this sememster starts, and I still live at home with my parents and attend a junior college. I have been mowing a few lawns since middle school, but this was the first year the business took off. I m getting to the point where I am swamped with lawns, and it doesnt bug me now, but once school starts, it will be a problem. There will be days when I wake up early, go to class, then mow a ton of lawns and wont get home til dark. I was thinking of how to deal with this when I decided I will just tough it out for a few months until the season ends this year...then over the winter I will downsize. I look at this downsizing as a great thing tho. I ve been mowing about 20- 25 lawns per week with a mix of weeklys, every other weeklys and a few random lawns. This is continuing to grow too since I ve added three lawns in the past week only from word of mouth. My strategy next winter will be to raise rates and tell people I only do weekly lawns now. Hopefully by doing this I can minimize my customers to about 12 weekly customers and get rid of all the others and the pitas. The way I look at it, I will make less money, yet work FAR fewer hours and only retain the ideal customers. How many of yall have tried to raise the rates and weed out the pitas and bad customers and retained a select group of great customers? I m excited about using this plan and it might help me make it through college faster too. Let me know your thoughts on this idea and if you have tried it before.

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    Eho- If you want to keep around a dozen accounts, just hand-pick the best ones to keep. You could probably sell the rest to another LCO. If you jack your prices up too high, you might scare too many of them away.
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    We selectively raised prices this year in an attempt to downsize and get rid of PITA's. Plan backfired.
    Had to add another grass cutting crew his year and a 3rd person to two of the crews. It's a whole lot less feeling like work with the money coming in that move generated.
    I'd say downsize school and grow business, maybe take night classes or something to get basic business strategies.

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