Plant, Grass, and Weed Identification

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    Learning about plants is a never ending process, one that must be predicated by geeky passion, and it will likely take years of study and field work to gain basic knowledge of most plants in a landscape, invasive or otherwise. The first step is to learn to be aware of your surroundings. Stop seeing the world as different blobs of green, and take notice of what is growing around you and the characteristics of different plants. Learn about only a few at a time. Take pictures and identify them. More importantly, once you identify a plant, learn some botanical knowledge of the plant to not only help the identification stick in your memory, but also how to deal with it in a landscape.

    It's a long but rewarding process. Learning about plants changes the way you see the outside world.
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    Go to a nursery and view each plant that are new to you, they look real different from pictures, act differently in different environments (micro environments), soil conditions, type of fertilizers..... Hands on is a real good learning tool.
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