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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bob, Mar 1, 2000.

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    I would like to try using a PGR this year. I would appreciate any input on this matter. The one brand I'm concidering is Primo. But the down side I here its expensive($100 per quart):(

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    I have used it before on large feild and it does work we didn't have to mow for 3 plus weeks.
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    Hello, <br>We are currently experimenting here with some plant growth regulator. Last fall we applied a product called Stronghold, by PBI gordon inc. I believe is a product with primo in the mix, but i could be wrong. We applied late so we didn't get any really good results to talk about. This spring we are going to try a section again and see what happens.<p>If you go to the gordon site, they have good information on the product. We sampled a package that they market towards us for airports. It includes a gallon of the stronghold and 2 gallons of something called BK800. Bk800 is a broadleaf control, basically trimec. They want you to mix this in because most of the regulators are selective and do not work on any broadleaf weeds that may be in the area. If the area has weeds in it, they will still grow at normal rate. <p>As i remember, we paid something like 500 for the kit of 1 gallon stronghold and 2 gallons bk800. The kit said it would treat 8 acres, and it did. We hired someone and he charged us like 900 for the product and apllication. If you paid a 100 a quart for primo, that sounds expensive when considerering we got a gallon of stronghold and 2 gallons of Bk800 for 500. Im sure if we could buy it direct, it would be cheaper.<p>Like I said, we applied late, so we did not get great results. We did see some differece though. We did 2 strips in a field and left the center empty as a test. In about a week, we saw definite discolor in the sprayed area (a purplerlish tinge) About 3 weeks later, we noticed a slight diffence in grass heights. After that, it was too late in the season and the grass stopped growing to see anything else really work.<p>I just saw another product called Embark on gordons site and figured i mention this. It sounds good. I don't know if it is going into the stronghold mix or not, but will find out.<p>Well, thats all for me, but i am greatly interested in anything people have to say. this is all new to me and any comments are greatly appreciated, like how many apps a year should we expect to need and when?<br>
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    We have used Primo for three years. The last time I bought any it was $126 a quart, so if you can get it for a $100 consider it a deal and let me in on it. We use it on bermuda to slow the growth down to be able to mulch it and stay on a seven day mowing cycle. It's a great product. We hav'nt found any problems with it at all, but we started very slow with it, played with the rates alot. I'm assuming that you using it on some type of cool season grass, which the rates are alot higher on. If there are any particulars you need to know answer back and I will email you.
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    Hello PlS,<br>I am in N Jersey and was wondering what kind of rates you use and when? We have mainly K. Blue and a few others mixed in. We are getting ready to spray at the end of the month. The fields are starting to grow now, so we figured in a couple of weeks would be good. <p>Another question is if Primo stops seed head formation. this is a major concern for me.<br>We were hoping to stop the seeds to deter wildlife from the fields. Does this happen?<br>
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    The usage rate on Primo is 0.5 oz/K to 1 oz/K, so you are looking at a cost of $1.50/K to $3.00/K when buying in quart size. In our area, Primo will reduce mowing maintenance by allowing single pass in spring, instead of double/triple cut. Also low maintenance areas can be cut half as often for 6 weeks. On large properties, use a band application of Primo along and around trimming areas that are distant views, so you can just trim every 3rd week instead of every week.<p>At $100/qt, Primo can be a big moneymaker at times of heavy grass growth. You need to figure if the mowing time savings is a benefit when balanced against the cost and application time in your situation.<p>Primo is the best growth regulator for general use. Some of the older growth regulators are better for certain uses, but the older technologies require rather critical application techniques, compared to Primo.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
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    I don't know about bluegrass, but on bermuda it stops seedhead growth for a good 4 weeks. It also makes the turf a darker green (just a little) after about 2 weeks, and much thicker over the growing season. Also after our first application we go to half rates per/M instead of a full rate. It will last about 6 weeks but we can tell it is starting to wear off a little after 4 weeks. We once sprayed a yard with Primo and as soon as we did we went into a month long drought, we didn't cut it for the whole month. As I said this is all on bermuda.
  9. steveair

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    Hello, <br>I've been doing researh stronghold and came up with this. First it is a combination of Embark and of Event. I've been having trouble so far, but still can't find what they suggest for app rates. All i know is we got about 8 acres out of one gallon. <p>Second, I found some prices. Wholesale there saying it is 220 a gallon about. Sounds a lot cheaper than primo. Embark alone goes for around 180 a gallon, but this makes no sense because because they have it in AL.leonard for 36 bucks a gallon. I love the net, everthing you need to know but no ways to figure out what it all means......<p>From what i read so far, the stronghold is for more or less cool season grasses, mainly k. blue and fescues. They said the same thing as you did pls with about 4 weeks of seed suppresion. They also suggest the first application to be around 4 weeks after the grass begins to grow, which would be about the beginning of April here. <p>Any comments on any of this are greatly appreciated...<p>steveair
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    No one as said anything about embark. It is good and few easy on the wallet.

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