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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by cedarcroft, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I use PHC healthy start on all my new planting and have definitly noticed a difference and had a better success rate since I started doing it. I was wondering if anyone has insight on PHC's turf care programs. I am looking for a simple organic program to offer my customers.
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    I have done a considerable amount of research on mycorrhizal fungi and the role they play in the soil/roots/turf environment. In fact, I have a Plant Health Care and a ROOTS catalog on my desk now. These products truly address the problems, not merely band-aid the symptoms, as a shot of N might do. There are several suppliers out there now, with more to come. Topical applications of some of these products will not work: check with the manufacturer. They must be applied during seeding, sod installation or following core aeration. They may come across as expensive and will certainly take some selling and customer education, but the growth of microbial products over the next few years will be huge.
  3. cedarcroft

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    I agree.
    I think that PHC's turf products are designed for topical application. I also like that they have a "bridge" product to wean lawns off chemicals. In my area I think that might help develop new business. people are afraid because all the chem guys tell them that Organics don't work. a bridge product can help a customer ease into going totally organic.
    anyone else have experience using PHC?
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    I had the privledge to attend Dr. Marx's, (PHC), Organic Workshop In April of this year. A great educational experience. Plenty of good info on Micorrhiza. I think the next workshop is sometime in Oct, you can check out PHC website and get the date.

    There seems to be some difference of opinons as to topical applications of Micorrhiza and their effectiveness. Some manufacturers claiming success with surface applications and others saying it wont work. Certanly Etco micorrhiza can be saftly applied to the soil surface. The debate centers mostly over surface applications of the Endo micor. Ecto Mico doesnot colonize turf grasses. Surface applications of etco micor wont help turf. On the other hand, Endo Micor spores do colonize turf grass, as well as a lot of other plants, including trees and shrubs. Endo Micor spores are much larger than Ecto spores and dont translocate as easily down into the soil structure. Endo is pretty much immoblie in the soil and the plant roots must grow to the endo spores before they can be colonized. For this reason, Endo micor should be placed close to the roots zone of the intended host plants. I dont know the correct answer to just how effectiive the endo micorrhiza will be if applied to the soil surface, but I am not ready yet to accept the claims of a few manufacturers and their scientist's that surface applications should be considered an acceptable way of establishing micorrhiza in turf grasses. I am not saying that some colonization wont occur, I just believe that placing the micor spores at or near the root zone will provide better colonization while using less product.
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    Surface App of Endo rhiza will only work well if it is a new seeding. Roots sells a product called Endo roots that works real well to address problems and help establish new grass.

    On established lawns, you will want to aerate the sucker real good and top dress with Endo roots.

    Endo roots is a 3-3-3 organic fert, with a bio stimulant package and the endo rhiza(turf only benefit greatly from the endos).

    For plantings, Dry roots is the same 3-3-3 with a bio stimulant.

    M-roots is that same product with 9 each of endo and ecto species added to it. I wont ever plant another shrub, tree etc without a handful of M-roots. It works that well.
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