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    A Client just asked me what kind of plants they should invest in that will virtually be in the shade 24 hrs a day? I operate in NEPA and I'm really not sure what to recomend...

    Any help will be apreciated!

    Thank you

  2. Ground Pounder

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    Helleborus Orientalis or "Lenten Rose". Does excellent as a ground cover under trees and full shade. Not a rose at all, but a member of the buttercup.

    Ne PA is zone 5, so this will work for you and is very aesthetic.
  3. greens1

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    Caladium or Hostas will generally tolarate shade quite well.
    It generally depends on what level of care your customer is willing to put into it, or pay you to put into it. Caladiums need to be removed and stored every winter, hostas do not. There are a great number of planting materials that do well in the shade, your options generally depend on how much time and effort your customer is willing to put into maintaining them.
    Good Luck,
    Jim L
  4. GroundKprs

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    There are places and people who will pay the price to have tropical plants in heavily shady areas. It makes a dramatic effect. However, the maintenance involved in moving them indoors for the winter and out again every spring, and the need for proper storage, makes this a very expensive proposition.

    Exactly what type of plants are you looking for? Perennials, shrubs, groundcovers, understory trees? And what is the tree canopy - oaks, maples, or...? Also is NEPA = northeast PA?
  5. skyphoto

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    ferns!! They are attractive and easy to take care of.....Just be sure to ask your nursury to steer ya towards ones that will work best w/yur climate....

  6. dhicks

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    Any of the hosta varieties.
  7. Eric ELM

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    Astilbe is a good shade plant too. Go to any nursery and check out the shade plants. It's amazing how many there are. I think the hosta is about the most popular and there are lots of different hosta plants too. Bleeding hearts are always pretty too. :)
  8. bobbygedd

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    ive also used pacasandra and variegated lillyturf. and dont forget the anual impatients

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