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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Alpha Property, Apr 2, 2009.

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    So I have a few customers asking about plantings in the next couple of weeks, but no one seams sure of what they would like. I know i'm in Zone 6A, but i can't seam to find a good organized list with pictures of the types of plants that grow in this area. I would also like to get into a few smaller hardscape projects, and would like some type of reasonable design software. I like the looks of the Pro Landscape stuff, but i can't justify $1200us for their package.
    Anyone have something that they think will help me out?
    Thank in advance everyone!
  2. The Elements Group

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    go to your county exstention office or local university (website) good luck
  3. david shumaker

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    I have a plant book that I carry in my truck. It has 100's of photos and descriptions of trees, shrubs, annuals, etc. There are 100's of plant books available. Some of them are real cheap used on The book I use was $40.00 retail and I bought it used at the thrift store for $2.00.

    I don't do that much planting, but ask the customer first what they like and where they want it planted.

    Also, you can walk around in your local nursery and just look around. Nurseries carry plants that do well in the area where they are located. All the plants have tags on them telling how to plant, how much sunlight they need, etc.

    In my city most people plant the same basic plants that grow well in this area.

    Try to remember the names of the basic plants in your area, so you will know what the customer is talking about. Women usually know what kind of plants they like and want.

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