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    My question is this, how do you garuntee plant materials on installation projects? Currnetly no nurseries in this area will provide warrenties on wholesale priced plants, meaning any warranty is up to the contractor. I have, on a few occasions been able to return stock for my cost, but only in cases of obvious disease or plant stress that was there prior to my getting the plants. So now all of my installs get a markup of 150% of my cost and strict care instructions plus whatever labor is appropriate. I have had a number of people balk at these prices.... so to them I say, if you'd like plants installed without a garuntee please purchase them on your own, have them delivered(before i arrive with my crew and machines) and i'll install them with a waiver signed about plant survivability. Does this seem out of line to anyone? I am curious about what others do regarding warranties, and how long you'll honor them. Thanks in advance for all replies.
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    FIREMAN, we guarantee our plant material for one year and no the wholesaler doesn't give us any guarantee. We keep a log of trees that we plant and our losses, it's just under 2% so we feel that as long as this is kept that we make money. With proper care and pruning you should be able to do the same. I know homeowner are the hardest to deal with but with proper instructions they should keep your loses down. <p>----------<br>paul<br>
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    We do not guarantee plants...unless we are maintaining them.Sometimes its a judgement call and we will replace them.After an install we will stop back from time to time and check things and talk with the homeowner...good PR
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    We offer a one-year warranty with only a few caveats. Only one regional re-wholesaler offers a warranty on plants, the rest don't.
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    I give a one year guarantee but I also pick and choose which plants I get from the nursery so I eliminate marginal specimens at the source.<p>BTW in eight years I have replaced ONE plant, a rhododendron which the customer reimbursed me half my retail (100% my wholesale cost) for so I only had to eat 10 min labor.<p>Bill
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    We guarantee plant material purchased and installed by us for one year. Here's what we write into our planting contracts: Our company guarantees all plant material for one year, assuming the customer follows watering instructions provided. The labor to replace failed plants will be charged at 60% of the plant price.<p>We mark up plants 35% and our loss percentage is less than 5% so we make out. I haven't had any complaints about the labor charge for replacements either.<p>This is our watering instructions sheet:<br>Recommendations for your new plants.<p>New plantings should receive 1 inch of water every 5-7 days for the first growing season. This means normally in the spring watering every other week and in the summer once per week. In drought periods you may need two 1 inch applications per week. One inch every three weeks in the fall should be enough.<p>In the second growing spring 1 inch every three weeks will do. The summer of the second season 1 inch every two weeks, more in a drought situation. One inch every four weeks is sufficient. <br> <br>Depending on the size of your plantings, it may take a few years for your plantings to become established. Keep an eye on your plantings, if they look dry water them. But remember to much water can suffocate your plants. Do not over water. The second season is the time to get your plantings on our tree & shrub feeding program. If you have any questions regarding your plantings give us a call.<p>I also physically show them how I want the new plants watered. Slow trickle. Good luck.<br>

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    Thanx all for the replies, hoping to see more. As for watering, I install soaker hoses in any planting that will allow for them, such as those with mulch or stone. I find this to have a great effect on survivability and keeping things green, if the size of the plant/tree warrants it I'll double or triple loop the trunk so as to provide more water for larger plants while not drowning those that do not require as much. Anyone else do this or something like it?
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    I will sometimes warranty plants if I install a timed irrigation system and it is set properly. Usually it is pretty easy to tell is something died because of lack of water. Shrubs or trees planted without my irrigation system will get no warranty from me. Of course I do guarantee plants will be in a healthy state at time of payment which is upon completion. I will admit that I sometimes make exceptions depending on size of job and customer.
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    damn,, makes me glad I live where I do. Around here the nurseries give a one year warranty on contractor sales of plant material. I pass that same warranty along to the customer.
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    I wish I had that luxury here!!

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