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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cgaengineer, Sep 25, 2007.

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    We have a client at my 9-5 job which is (Land Surveying and Engineering) who has by the county officials been required to install rain gardens on each of the permitted lots. The county is holding up the C/O's because the rain gardens do not contain plants that can survive in a drought condition as we are having here. All drainage of particular lots is directed to these rain gardens including the roof drains. Basically all water is to remain on-site and these rain gardens are to serve as temporary storm water storage.

    My question is:

    Is there a plant that can survive with little water during drought conditions, but will thrive in hydric soils when we finally get rain? A list of plants that meet these conditions would be useful.

    To hold the C/O on these houses is a bad thing to do right now as we are in a 50 year drought condition with not much rain forcasted in the near future. I would think a temporary bond would be an easier thing to require to make sure these rain gardens were built to specification when weather permits.

    Thanks for the help, I will pass this information on to my client.
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    Try calling Ernst Seed in Meadville PA. If there is anything that will work I think they could steer you in the right direction. They distribute erosion control seeds etc all over the USA.

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