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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SoDak, May 12, 2010.

  1. SoDak

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    Do you have plant warranties, and if so, what are the terms? I personally think this is a ridiculous business idea, since I can't even guarantee that I will be around tomorrow, let alone guarantee that a plant will live for a year. Plant insurance would be a better idea.
  2. shovelracer

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    I offer a warranty, a pretty good one at that. However, if the plant lasts a season it will last many more, unless it is attacked or mistreated which are not covered. Since we are using healthy stock, planting and initially watering; failure almost always comes down to neglect. I am very interested in the idea of plant insurance because it would be an easy sell for most people and the cheapos could still get their rock bottom price. One the other hand that would bring planting rates down to mowing rates and I'm not interested in that. It takes a certain amount of knowledge to plant a tree and not have the practice come back to kill it a few years later. For this we should be paid accordingly. If you want to slap the caged and roped ball in the hole and call it a day I want no part of it.
  3. mdlwn1

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    You should put this on your business card or truck...see how well it works for you. You have a lot to learn my friend.......
  4. SoDak

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    Thanks for the personal attack, D-bag. It's people like you that keep reminding me why I even participate in these forums.
  5. mario491

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    We give a 30 day warranty without a automatic sprinkler system, if they have
    an automatic sprinkler we give 1 year warranty. Standing behind your work goes a long way with customers especially in this economy.

  6. 93Chevy

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    I give a one year guarantee.

    Luckily I have never had the question "is this applicable for another year if this plant doesn't make it?"
  7. AzLawnMan

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    Wow one year! I give 90days. In Arizona, I couldnt imagine giving a year. I just put in
    (80) 5gallon and (100) 1 gallon plants as well as (20) 15 gallon trees at one of my properties. I always figure I will lose 5-10 1 gallon plants, only because if the multch isnt packed correctly in the cans the root sytem may get exposed during planting. I have a "act(s) of nature" clause in my contract, and I think 110 degree weather qualifies for that. If a plant survives spring but dies in the summer or even during winter, how are you liable? JMHO
  8. Dreams To Designs

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    To warranty a plant is a foolish idea, if not a marketing scheme, unless you have control over that property. If you are unable to ensure a proper watering schedule or plant health care program, you are hoping by using quality plants and proper planting technique that a living plant will last a year with little or no care. There are a bunch of plants that fit this criteria and which leads to a very small, but durable plant list to choose from.

    The classic; plant cost X 3 = cost of the plant, the labor to install it and the replacement cost when it dies. By installing plants from reputable sources and with planting care, you hope to minimize the losses and gain more profit.

    How many of your sources are guaranteeing the plants they sell to you? Unless you buy from Home Depot, Lowes or some garden centers, your on your own. Sure, you may come across the occasional plant problem from a nursery or wholesaler, and they will take care of their good clients, but those situations should be rare.

    I work with a company that guarantees everything they plant for life, as long as they provide a plant health care program and have control over the irrigation.

  9. mdlwn1

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    Insuring the success of a planting is a no brainer for all but the most challenging of situations. You guys must be pretty young to question the warranty. Im from beach sand south jersey and never had a tree die in 20 years. Ask someone to teach you proper selection/transport/planting/water technique.
  10. Crash

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    Here's how our guarantee reads...

    *ProScape Plant Warranty*
    All trees and shrubs are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. They will be replaced one time only.

    Perennials are guaranteed to be healthy, vigorous plants at time of purchase. Purchases made January 1 through June 30 are guaranteed through October 31 of the same calendar year. Purchases made July 1 through December 31 are guaranteed through May 1 of the following calendar year.

    ProScape will not honor guarantees on plants damaged by animals, vehicles, lawn mowers, etc., by extreme weather such as hail, wind/snow storms, droughts, excessive rain, etc., over watering or not following watering instructions.

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