Planter from hell!!!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I have a planter at an old theater on one of our high school sites that's been giving me fits over the past couple of months. It was originally on a SoloRain controller which hung up a couple of times so we ended up converting it (and all remaining planters) to Hunter WVCs. All was fine for awhile and then two weeks ago I get a call that the valve (Hunter ASV) had hung up and flooded the planter. Checked the valve and all was fine so put it back into service.

    Then, last week I get the same type of call. However, when I get there the curb stop isolation has been turned off so now I'm trying to find out from the guys exactly what was happening to no avail. Planter is so flooded that I can't go further, let it dry out for the week and then turn the isolation back on but turn the valve and controller off, suspecting that there might be a supply line leak.

    Yesterday I swing by to check things and sure enough... flooded again. But now I know what is happening so I turn the curb stop off again. However, I can't pump the water down because my Honda pump sucked up so much "walk-on bark" the last time that it was down for repairs. So... we'll let it dry out and then I'll have to look for a leak under the concrete pad. If I can't get to it then we'll have to tear the concrete out, make repairs and then put everything back.

    The leak apparently was not enough to see in the past due to all the water. But now that I know what the problem is that sucker is mine! :)

    LJ Williams Zone LJ-2 6-29-07 IV-01.jpg

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    I know that I'm number 20 and you are now getting your first comment on this. Does that bother you to get a lot of looks and no comments? I brace myself when I start a thread that it may not be important in the great scheme of things and so if I get two comments I feel lucky. Rotar on the other hand goes friggin bonkers if he gets a lot of lookers and no comment. Looks like I should purchase some stock in a concrete making company.
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    Naw... just let the posts fall where they lay. Course there'll be some followup pictures of most likely shoddy contractor work as usual when I finally get the chance to dig things up. I'm betting on a cracked male adapter to go from PVC to galvanized. :)
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    You mean female adapter?

    Isn't this the one where I criticized you for using a female adapter on the galvi for the valve?
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    The supply is PVC into galvanized at the hose bibb ahead of the ASV so I'm betting an MA into a galvanized 90. Could be wrong but I'll take pics.

    Yup... one of them. However, if the concrete has to come out and everything gets done completely over there will be unions installed. :)
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    Three floodings of that planter make it look a bit swampy. Hope the smell is tolerable.
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    I was kinda worried about the amount of water this planter has received. However, it seems to drain through pretty well. One plant has died but not from overwatering... rather I chopped through about 3/4 of its root system three months ago when I had to replace broken barbed/ha-ha swing joints that were broken. (Ducking as Sheshovel prepares nasty post about roots.) :laugh:
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    Wow, what a nice water feature! That first picture certainly makes me think of a somewhat formal spanish style bog garden. Maybe the district is due for it's first water feature, eh?
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    Thats a new type of flood irrigation! Purp-you could be rich!!!!

    In that Steel cage was there a valve and back-flow??
    Nice setup.....

    I bet the bugs loved that one!!!!!!
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    Damned the torpedoes!
    Bail, Bail! or

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