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    This is what we have named people who have the uncontrolable need to constantly plant things.

    I have a client, a wonderful fella, really. Everytime I go there he has something else planted, a tree, a shrub a flower. And, they all have little or no mulch ring protection around them.

    He asked me last week about his plant placement. And, I gave him a few pointers and then told him the only ones that really bothered me were things planted so close to fixed objects I could not get my mower in there or ones planted in the middle "V" part of a ditch or ravene, because once again I couldn't get my mower in there and it caused a lot more line trimming.

    I come back this week and there were FOUR, count them one two three four more tiny trees planted in the "V" part of the ravine. I could have spit.

    He is a very nice man and I am sure what I said the previous week went in one ear and out the other. He was just making polite conversation for the sake of talking.

    But, ohhh how frustrating it can be.
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    Man do I feel you. Although I am just getting into the business, my number one and first client was/is my parents. I'm out of college now, but a few years back we had to totally overhaul one side of the house because they put a pool in. During that year, I swear I didn't come home one weekend without there being a new plant either in the ground, or in a pot ready to be planted.

    The same type of thing occured, as I was the one taking care of the landscape and lawn, I quickly got tired of having to remulch, edge, extend beds, yadda yadda. Finally, 100+ plants later, I think we've got that side of the house under control.

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