Planting around Rain Water Drain

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    I currently have a bed of Ivy 30' x 8 and my rain water drain runs through the Ivy. I also have a Japanese Maple. The Roots to the ivy have grown into the drain pipe, and cause the pipe to slowly fill up with mud rendering the pipe useless. The pervious homeowner used regular PVC, not schedule 40, so I will have to replace the entire section of pipe in the Ivy.

    Question 1:

    I am going to rip out all of the Ivy and should I spray it with something to prevent it from coming back?

    Questions 2:
    I am going to be putting in decorative rock and some small plants. What plants should I put in the rock bed so I don't have to worry about the roots growing into the pipe again?

    Question 3:

    This is on the side of my house, and because the way the house sits, you cannot even see this area. I would like some low maintenance plants as well, what would be some low maintenance options?

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    liriope would work well. just a green, durable plant.

    ivy is extremely hardy. you can spray with roundup, but it will take multiple applications to kill it. there are tons of fibrous roots. i cleaned up a house recently and had to dig about 6" deep to get all the roots out.

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