Planting bulbs this fall

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    I am new to the bulb planting process and have some questions.

    I have approximately a 12' circle that I want to plant bulbs in this fall. In the center, I have some large cannas. They are about take up about 6' in diameter in the middle of the 12' circle.

    That will leave a 6' ring around the cannas. I would like to get some bulbs for that ring. I would like several different varieties/colors, forming separate rings. In other words, maybe some daffodils forming a ring at the 11' mark, then maybe some crocus forming a ring at the 10' mark, then maybe some tulips forming ring at the 8' mark.

    My questions:

    The cannas take daily watering. How will this affect the other bulbs?

    From start to finish, how long do the bulbs produce vegitation? In other words, from the first little sprout of leaves, through the flowering stage, and ending at the dying of the leaves, how long does that take? If I choose some early bloomers and some late bloomers, I want to know how long something is going to be in the way.

    Does it make sense to plant early bloomers and late bloomers in the same ring, or should I have early bloomers in one ring and late bloomers in a separate ring?

    Thanks for your time.


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