Planting grass, new soil after Weed and Feed

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by theeplaymaker, May 12, 2014.

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    Hello all, I have a question about trying to get some bare spots planted here before it gets to hot. I have a dandelion infestation in my yard right now and I am going to be putting down weed and feed later this week to hopefully help with that. Now my question is after I have that down would I be able to get new grass to germinate if I were to first put down top soil in the areas I want to seed?

    The areas I want to seed are all areas that I either had stumps ground down, low spots in the yard or other bare spot areas. My plan is to get the weed and feed on this Thursday or Friday morning, depending on when I can get it mowed and then the end of next week I would be doing the soil and seed. I don't want to waste my money now but I would also like to have grass in these areas for the summer rather than planting in the fall after all the weed and feed and pre emergent ferts wear off and the better time to plant seed.

    Anyways just looking for some opinions on whether you think putting soil down after the weed and feed and then seed on top of that will work for Southeastern PA in about 2 weeks for the seed.
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    From my experience, it takes a while to get grass to grow in place of ground up stumps. I added new soil and seeded, but the grass for some reason just kept dying off or thinning out. I finally gave up and waited till the grass and weeds filled in then worked on it.

    The Answer to your question is, do not weed and feed if you are seeding. However, it is to late to seed anyway. Wait till fall. You can throw seed where needed to fix patches, but you would be wasting your money to seed now. Wait till fall to seed or you could get some sod and just patch it in.
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    Why is it too late to seed now? They're seeds and they take about 3 weeks to germinate with adequate moisture.
  4. Capemay Eagle

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    Why? Because in 3 weeks the heat is going to start and the seed will never take root in time. Can take a shot, but it would have been better to do it 3 weeks ago. I live in the same zone and Early September is the ideal time here to seed.
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    Yeah, I've heard of having a hard time to grow over stumps...I had them out about 1.5 years ago and they are covered in weeds/grass now. The other area is where he previous owners had a garden and its about an inch lower than the yard around it and mostly weeds/grass/dirt now but almost covered over. The stump holes are just not level because of settling and not adding any soil after I cleaned out the grindings. Thanks for the tips, I plan on watering ever day or as much as needed if that would help, would the roots not take with the heat even if they were getting plenty of water?

    I know September is the time, I just figured for the cost of a small bag of seed and some soil it would be worth a shot to get it going now if I could. And my main worry was the weed and feed somehow seeping up through the new soil I would put down and not allowing it to germinate right.
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    Actually if you have time and money to waste continue your course of action.
    If you actually want to take the guess work out of trying to grow a lawn from seed or plug or sod realize your soil Ph is key to successfully growing anything.

    Contact your local cooperative extension agency and ask if they can test your soil for you. There should be a small charge and they should be able yo advise you how to take the samples as well. Once the test comes back I believe you should add the necessary amendments to the soil and till until uniform.
    Than and only than should you consider planting anything to grow.
    Work smarter and have a plan to succeed, not an excuse for failure.
    easy-lift guy

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