Planting grass on a steep slope

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Gina, Apr 25, 2001.

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    We will be planting grass along the steep sides of a ditch in our yard. The ditch wraps around the 1 acre yard. The ditch was slice seeded about 4 years ago, when we seeded our entire yard, but only some of it took. We now have large areas of eroded ground with no grass. We were told that there is a green mesh-like product that we can use to hold the topsoil and seed to the ditch, even during rainy season. What is this product called and are there any other suggestions for trying to plant on such a steep slope? Thank you.
  2. Catcher

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    Not sure what this product is called, I had good success with a similar product on a not-so steep slope. It resembled an oriental blind if you will, it was made of a straw-mat held together with a real fine nylon mesh. The whole thing comes rolled up, about 8' wide and 12' long when unrolled. It is also supposed to de-compose when the grass takes off. I believe this would be available in most landscape/ lawn & garden centers.
    On the other hand, for a real steep slope - have you considered planting a spreading juniper or something of that sort to avoid having to mow this difficult area? Perhaps worth considering.....

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    Check the Curlex and jute on this page: . A.M. Leonard is out of Piqua, OH. There are also woven straw blankets, held together by thin biodegradable plastic mesh. If you do not have luck with local merchants, do a web search for "Erosion control blanket" in the region you wish. Also if you have a Lesco store near you, they could probably obtain it for you.

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    I spend a long time trying to get grass to grow on a steep slope. I found these cloth blankets at Lowes which did a pretty good job. Once the grass had grown, you roll up the blanket and move it to the next spot. After having done that, I wish I had never put forth the effort. I have an Emark Turf Tracer HP. Plenty of power and it goes right up the hill. The hill is so steep that I find I cannot easily walk up it. In addition, the weight of the mower is such that the tires tear out tracks while going up the hill. We are now in the process of ripping out the grass that I spent months putting in. Going to put in ground cover. Much safer and easier.

    See how steep your hill is. If the grass doesn't want to grow there, it might be too steep to mow. Mine is about a 60 degree angle.

  5. 65hoss

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    If you must have grass, put sod down. If not, get a ground cover that will spread. It is very hard to get seed to grow on a slope. You end up washing to much away.
  6. Samurai WeedWacker

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    and is positively DANGEROUS to mow when wet. I charge extra to mow such slopes.

    Regular home-owner type mowers don't have oil pumps, and can be RUINED by mowing steep slopes because oil doesn't circulate properly. Read an owner's manual if you doubt my words.

    Consider retaining walls or some type of surface which doesn't require mowing.

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