Planting guarantees and drought.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cody, Feb 9, 2002.

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    We do alot of planting up here in the north east and as of now our water table is about 55% low! Im counting on alot of our other services to carry us through, but a big concern I have is our
    one year guarantee for our plantings. What type of ammendment can I write into our contract to cover ourselves while at the same time not scare off potentials?Would greatly appreciate your input!

    We need snow or rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Our plant replacement warraty is for 6 months. it is a limited warranty agaist disease and/or insect infestation provided we are notified in writing of any change in appearance or characteristic of subject plant. We do not assume responsibility for negigence after installation due to improper watering and/or improper protection for winter months. Vandalism, and acts of unseasonable or adverse weather conditions are not covered. Notification of a dead plant regardelss of reason nullifies warranty.

    Hope these suggestions help.

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    You are offering a service! Your company name is on the line, think what might happen if you started backing out of your guarrentte. We replace plants that might be out of even two years later. Our sites receive some of the harshest treatment (City parks) but losses are never more than 10% (by dollars) We've gone thru heavy droughts no water and high heat, planting all year long. Don't worry about a little water sortage!
  4. SCL

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    Plants are the inexpensive part of this equation(or should be) your rep is priceless. Do all you can to help your little plant buddies at install.
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    1. be proactive, send out a letter saying hey were in a dought and as you know your warn doesn't cover plant loses because you didn't water. Get out there and water!!!

    2. Charge more for your plants in the install price! and please don't tell me you can't . many people undercharge for the plants and lose out when they die.

    3. Get out there and sell deeproot feeding or watering. Go see these people and help them protect their investment .They will love you for it.
  6. BigJim

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    Most plant deaths are from lack of water,if you are planting shrubs from a nursery that have been growing in potting mix you will find the potting mix dries out at a much faster rate than the surrounding soil,this will cause the potting mix to shrink back about 1/8th of a inch from the soil.,allowing air to circulate around the root ball.Always tease the rootball out gently and mix the roots with the surrounding soil at planting.There are soil wetting agents in liquid and crystal form you can add at planting,available from nursery or garden supply shops.If you are watering the plants with a watering can add some liquid dishwashing detergent,this acts as a wetting agent on potting mix and soaks the water through the rootball,deters insect pests too!

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