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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mike821, May 15, 2011.

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    The homeowner has me remove four extreemly large shrubs. The bed is appoxamatly 30 x 30. The bed has a good deal of roots. She went out to a local whosale club and purcased 23 three gallon and some two gallon plants. Of course she calls up and wants them to be planted yesterday as they are sitting in the sun. I have looked high and low on this site and found that people are all over the place with pricing. $5 per gallon sounds good to me, but will I be under pricing myself. The job is going to be a b1tch. Any thoughts as to my pricing or does it sound about right?
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    Why not just go labor and any additonal materials?
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    In our soil conditions we expect to get 15 - 3gal planted per man hr average if they are in the location. This is low too, actually average a few over 20. Perhaps 4 hrs to cover cleanup, placement, and pita surcharge. Of course I've had 1 hole take 30 minutes too. Go hourly if they will let it fly. Planting rates are on the higher side and make sure you take the extra steps like addressing root wrap and initial soaking.
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    Charge an hourly rate for labor if you do it at all. Put that there is no guaranty for the plants, just for hours worked. and don't skimp on the rate.
  5. Heres the deal, if you were to buy the plants at wholesale you would have marked them up plus added labor. Charge more than your normal hourly rate and let her know there is no guarantee. I hate when customers pull that crap.
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    I'd do somewhere btw $3-500.
  7. AGLA

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    This would mot be an issue for an established landscape company - you simply would not do it. That tells me that Mike is new at it which is different than being established. He may need to build a customer base and may need to fill his schedule. If that is the case, he might need to do the job. At the same time he needs to write a simple contract for it that states that he is providing labor and not taking any respnsibility at all for the survival of the plants. The price per hour has to be enough to cover overhead and not a rate that you'd pay your help. If he does it without a contract, he is foolish.
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    Thanks guys.....nothing more pi$$es me off than people purchasing plants and they just expect you to plant them. She did not even ask how much to plant them. On top of that her placement and number of plants ( to many ) sucks. She is going to get wacked just becasue of the frustration this customer has caused.

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