Planting Question / Pricing Help

Joana Williams

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New York
I do not normally do any sort of plantings. But I am helping my friend out at work and I wanted to know what I should charge to plant these items.

4 Arborvitae about 3' high.
One holly about same.
2 azalea about 2'
4 small Asiatic lily.
3 small Hosta.
2 small grass daylily

I am also doing the prep work, cleaning out beds, mulch, etc. That price is $350.00

I just need help quoting the above. Also if there is any special planting requirements.

Area: New York / Long Island

Photo for reference.




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new york
2.5-3 times cost of materials. The customer probably has about $500 in plants alone if they’re bought from a nursery and not a big box store. So, $350 for your prep work, $100-$150 for any soil amendments and whatever your labor rate would be. Mine would be approximately $350-$400 just for the plant install. Plus $90 a yard for ground cover (mulch).


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new york
If you had purchased the plants, then...
$350 for existing prep work. $350
$600 plants and amendments. $1500
Probably 3 yards of mulch at most. $270

$ 2120.00