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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Jul 17, 2000.

  1. paul

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    How do you plant trees this time of year?<br>the best success we've had has been to order our trees in one size bigger baskets and place the trees in the hole and fill them up with water,(we carefully trim them too) checking back in about half hr we see how much water root system used and back fill and mulch.<p>----------<br>paul<br>
  2. Lanelle

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    While we're on the subject of summer tree planting, what has your experience been with using Bio-plexed trees? Is it as successful as the ads say?
  3. BRL

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    Lanelle,<br>I got some free samples from one of my suppliers. I probably will not be trying it for about 2 - 3 weeks but I'll let you know what happens. Hopefully others that have used it already respond.
  4. steveair

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    Hello,<p>I know its not a option for most of you, but I try to push all my planting back now. I've been doing just the hardscape part of my installs now and will come back later, when it cools down, to do the planting, if the customer allows me.<p>As for planting trees now, I am going to try using some 'tree gators' this year. We are pricing out the installation of about 100 pear trees along our airport road, and I want to insure their taking. I've been pricing out the tree gators, and believe it will cost me around 15 a tree. <p>For those who don't know, tree gators are 'water bags/tubs' that go around the base of trees and and slowly drip irrigate the tree. They are filled up every couple of days and then drip water over a long period of time over the root ball.<p>I have heard success with them, so want to give them a shot. Though the cost is high, I believe it to be worth it if It keeps the trees alive during the hot months. <p>steveair
  5. Rufur

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    hello just wanted to share some observations of an install job it was 20 bradfors planted on a bank about 10 ft high in the dead of summer and a real bad drought (mid-maryland, '99)..all but two of them weredead within the first couple of weeks I mean it looked like they never had a chance...and they had those gater bags... so heres my theory...gater bags do their best when soil temp and moisture is good they dont substitute for poor conditions
  6. paul

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    Rufur, thats because of lacl of care, just planting and placing gator bags around trees and keeping them full just won't work. We plant trees year round and have learned that you can't beat a water truck and and someone with a brain that inspects the treesas he is watering them. We use gator bags but only for smaller trees under 2&quot; that they can handle, but over 2&quot; trees, the tree loses more water than the gator bags hold per day. Gator bags work to keep soil moisture up but you still have to water the treethe same time you fill the bags.<p>----------<br>paul<br>
  7. Ocutter

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    Ive seen these bags in a few mags. They look huge. Is there a way that you can safeguard these from other people stealing them? Gator bags per 100 trees is a lot of money to lose if someone with a truck wants them.

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