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I have the opportunity to bid on a rather large job (Im all but guaranteed the bid) but need to decide how to warrant the plants survival. Ordinarily its no big deal, I guarantee the plants for a season, but with this job the specs call for plants which in my opinion most likely wont make it due to the location.<p>Anyone have a sample disclaimer that I could pick apart to use for this bid?<p>Bill


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I don't have a disclaimer to post or anything like that but I wanted to try and give you a little insight anyway. You are correct in your prior season long warranty. This is generally the standard. I don't know for sure what all is being asked for in this design but if you do not believe they will hold up you need to work your disclaimer around this fact. I would personally warrant the plants that you feel will do alright for your normal season. Then evaluate the other plants and write your disclaimer on these based on how long you would warranty these and why. If they are tender plants that can't survive the exposure they are getting you need to make a point of this such that you won't be liable. I don't know who did the design on the spec you are bidding but I can tell you right now that if it was anyone but a horticulturist you can guarantee that they don't give a **** about the planting conditions. They just draw out a plan of what they think will look good and put it on the installers shoulders to make sure it gets carried out. They aren't liable so they aren't as inclined to care. As long as their design looks good enough they get their money. I know this because the place I currently work at has been prone to this situation.<br>Sorry if this doesn't help. Also, it may be in your best interest to bring this to the attention of the buyer so they will be aware of what they are getting into.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY

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