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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by fraggle, Aug 9, 2006.

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    i need some help... i think someone is sabotaging my plants!!!! I finished a client's design four months ago with numerous specimens, everythings healthy going great, no signs of damage, nothing!!! all of a sudden i have specimens completely dying (totally brown) in three days. I checked the soil and provided all this plantings with the right amendments, site conditions, etc. what the heck is going on???? i've come to find out over the past day that there's bickering going on between my client and other people, so i'm getting a little suspicious. I don't want to say anything until i get some proof, any ideas out there before everything gets killed! Thanks alot!!!!!
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    Fungus kills in this manor. All at once the vascular system of the plant can no longer move water up to the leaves and all at once the plant will shut down. The brown leaves will still be on the plant they don't fall off right away. To field check for fungus pull up a dead plant and firmly pinch a root (pick a pencil lead sized feeder root) and pull if the outer sheath pulls off easily you have fungus of some sort. Air pockets when planting are a common problem that can lead to fungus problems.
  3. Az Gardener

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    I would also note I can't see you having any liability, if you had done anything wrong during planting (except the air pockets) it would have showed itself within a week or so. Sounds like you know what you are doing and air pockets are unlikely on smaller plants 15-G and smaller.

    Planting too deep is the only thing I can think of that will kill a plant due to poor planting that doesn't happen quickly. That would take longer to show itself and comes in the form of a long slow decline leading to death.

    Fungus and other pathogens are almost always present in the soil, it is only when the conditions are right and populations get out of control that problems occur.
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    I can't really tell you without seeing the plants, and conditions. What AZ suggest are but a few out of many many things that could cause the death of plants. Gofers will kill plant like that as well. Best thing to do is re-check the bases of the plats to make sure eveything is cool with your planting level,ect then carefully remove the dead plants and check the rootballs for rot, fungus, dryness, damage of any kind. Smell it does it smell rotten? Not much we can tell you from here. Could be sabatoge I suppose.
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    are there dogs/cats running loose on the property? (urine). you could pull out a plant and take it to the county extension office and let them diagnose the problem
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    when you pull the plant out of the ground is the rootball saturated ? if yes then it drowned .

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