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  1. midtnstone

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    could someone in the middle tennessee or north alabama please give me some suggestions on places to buy plants wholesale. my plants are costing me way to much and where do the nurseries buy their plants at. any help would be great thank you :help: :pumpkin: :help: :dizzy:
  2. JB1

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    Call Mcminville, Tn. chamber of commerce, they can help.
  3. D Felix

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    Try to find Heather Farms. No idea where they are, what they have, but I know they are there. Somewhere in Tennesee.:)

    We've gotten some trees for them in the past.

  4. Coffeecraver

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    See if these will help

    Signal Mountain Nursery
    1100 Hubbard Rd
    Signal Mountain, TN

    Bert Driver Nursery
    Hwy 70 W
    Smithville, TN

    Jimmy Driver Nursery
    Smithville, TN

    Hidden Valley Nursery LLC
    PO Box 235 Hwy 108
    Viola, TN

    Gardens To Go, Inc.
    474 Hyder Ridge Road
    Crossville, TN


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